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  • Alabama Police Officer Arrested, Accused of Injuring...

    Friday Feb 13 | via KRVN-AM Lexington 

    A police officer in northern Alabama was arrested Thursday amid accusations he badly injured an Indian man who was visiting relatives.Officer Eric Parker wa... -- The U.S. Coast Guard is en route to help rescue 26 fishermen on a boat that is stuck 900 miles northeast of Antarctica.Antarctic Chieftain, an Australia-f... Today, the House Committee on Agriculture held a hearing to review the futures, options, and swaps markets that the Commodity Futures Trading Commission oversees.


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i cant seem to find anything clear online. also what is the lookback period on driving under suspension?
If fail to get any responses you can always try and find a lawyer in your area here on AVVO by selecting "Find a Lawyer"...
I failed his device, passing the third or 4th time. I blew a .03. I feel awful about this, what can I do, she says she is sending letters to prosucutors, and they may decide to revoke his probabtion!
You should contact an attorney regarding this situation. You clearly don't want your husband's probation to be revoked...
I received a DUI and the officer asked if I had ever gotten one before. I told him yes in California 9 years ago. In California, a DUI stays on your record for 10 years. However, my ticket says I am charged with a DUI with no prior convictions. Is there a chance that I'll get charged in court with a 2nd instead of a 1st DUI?
I am not licensed to practice law in Nebraska, but either way of charging you is possible. The prosecutor is never...
for a DUI will it affect my reinstatement ? Do I put yes to being arrested? I was terminated due to illness and missing class and have all documentation passed out in class
Sorry, but I cannot answer your question since I cannot understand it. Please re post.
Husband was charged with a 4th DUI that was a felony. He got sentenced in 2011. He received a 15 year revocation. They never wrote in the sentence about the interlock or a work permit. Is there any way to appeal it. I am afraid he will lose his job because of ureliable rides. He has been sober since we met in 2011
Can't appeal it but You might be able to reopen the case. A
I was at a party on new years eve, when the cops came and the house owner would not let us leave, there was only one door to the house so it was easy for him to stand in front of the door with a couple of buddies to block people from leaving, after probably like 3/4 hours of the cops pounding at the door they finally let the cops in and they breathalyzed us all and I blew a .010 and was ticketed with an mip while other people who attended the party blew higher than me and they did not get a ticket. There was also a lot of alcohol laying around at the party. By the time I go to court to resolve this issue I will already be 21, was wondering if I would have the possibility of getting this dropped?
Contact an attorney in your area to discuss in more detail. You can try and find an attorney her on avvo by selecting "...
Was driving and collided with another car while intoxicated no one was hurt. Blew a .174. I was taken into the police department where they did the test and they gave me a sworn report of notice of revocation.. and an application for an interlock. I have no prior offenses. How long will it take to get a court date? What should be my next steps?
Your first steps should be meeting with and hiring an experienced DUI attorney. If you want to find one in your area...