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i cant seem to find anything clear online. also what is the lookback period on driving under suspension?
If fail to get any responses you can always try and find a lawyer in your area here on AVVO by selecting "Find a Lawyer"...
I failed his device, passing the third or 4th time. I blew a .03. I feel awful about this, what can I do, she says she is sending letters to prosucutors, and they may decide to revoke his probabtion!
You should contact an attorney regarding this situation. You clearly don't want your husband's probation to be revoked...
I recently got put on the number system for probation where I have to call in every morning and if I hear my number I have to go in and test. What type of test do they do? An etg test or jus a regular 8 panel test?
If the avvo attorneys have failed to answer your question, consider calling a local DUI lawyer. Most will give you a...
I got my first offense DUI and failed to appear on court because I left the country
what is your question? Why did you leave the country? Regardless, you need to speak to an experienced DUI attorney
Including my reinstatement and recertification fines to the county. Can they deny my license reinstatement and if they do would I get my money back for paying my fines? My probation end date is 08/25/2014. I told my p.o. all about my traffic citation when I saw him in July two days after my traffic citation. He called me today and told me to turn myself in should I because I never received anything about a probation violation hearing. What should I do?
Call the lawyer who represented you on the underlying case and follow that persons advice.
Got in an accident with my friend, when cops arrived I was outside of car, friend was very drunk in back seat. They had intended to arrest her for the DUI until her boyfriend showed up and insisted I was driving to which I was then wrongfully arrested because neither would admit to driving. My sister is a cop and showed up to station to pick me up. Her fellow cops that arrested me even told her they knew I wasn't driving but their "witness" said i was. BUT now heres a huge problem. Later on my sister was looking up my record and the arrest and found a warrant from 2008 from my 2nd DUI (which the cops did not see when they arrested me.) I never knew of this and very confused what to do or even how that happened I have arranged to meet with lawyer later this week.
Take this off of the website as it could be used as evidence to prove you were driving. It may be considered an...
I used to live in Colorado, which is where I got my dui. I have recently had to move to Nebraska. Now, with the laws being so different, I cannot find a way to meet my court requirements for Colorado here in Nebraska. I have to do 24 hours of level 2 alcohol education and 52 hours of alcohol out patient therapy. Nothing in Nebraska offers that amount of time. And Routt county in Colorado doesn't let you do the online courses. so right now I am stuck between a rock and a hard place.
Contact the local probation office and find out who does the alcohol programs. The do offer treatment as you describe.