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i cant seem to find anything clear online. also what is the lookback period on driving under suspension?
If fail to get any responses you can always try and find a lawyer in your area here on AVVO by selecting "Find a Lawyer"...
I failed his device, passing the third or 4th time. I blew a .03. I feel awful about this, what can I do, she says she is sending letters to prosucutors, and they may decide to revoke his probabtion!
You should contact an attorney regarding this situation. You clearly don't want your husband's probation to be revoked...
I recently got put on the number system for probation where I have to call in every morning and if I hear my number I have to go in and test. What type of test do they do? An etg test or jus a regular 8 panel test?
If the avvo attorneys have failed to answer your question, consider calling a local DUI lawyer. Most will give you a...
I got my first offense DUI and failed to appear on court because I left the country
what is your question? Why did you leave the country? Regardless, you need to speak to an experienced DUI attorney
do almost all minors who get a DUI get their case moved to juvenile court? if not, what percentage do?
Most private lawyers are not going to keep tabs on whether minors charged with dui have their cases moved to juvenile...
I recently got a DUI. I am 17 years old. I rear ended a friend of mine. i blew a .117. What should i expect for my punishment to be and what can i do to minimize it?
You retain a local DUI lawyer to fight it. Avvo has a terrific "find a lawyer" tool.
I recently got a DUI and I'm 17 years old. It is very hard getting to school because i live 20 miles from my school. My license says its revoked till February. Would i be able to get a hardship license or and interlock system for the time of my revocation?
Why don't you contact your licensing agency and ask them what you are eligible for? Your attorney will also be able to...