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I have a "business only" driving permit due to refusing a breathalyzer in Florida. I have not been to court yet to face the DUI charge but want to know if there are any states that will issue me a similar license for the remaining time on my one year suspension if I were to move to take another job, or if NOT convicted, will issue me a new license without any penalty?
The best and only answer to your question is that it is state specific. You will need to call the mandatory actions...
thank you
Assuming you were convicted of the DUI 20 years ago, you cannot seal or expunge it from your record.
we are willing to help daughter move to FL with her 2 children and live with us. She has no license (suspended), no job because no transportation, no income, ex husband also jobless and is here in FL. Is it likely her probation officer will let her move?
That's a question you have to ask Kansas. Sometimes, but not always, states will allow probationers to transfer the...
My son has been spending $60/week on drug and alcohol counseling and the counselor keeps adding required sessions. He has tested negative on every drug test for the past year except the last one last week. He declined to take because he knew he would fail for marijuana. He only had two sessions left and now the counselor is telling him he will have to start the 12 week treatment all over again. Feels like a never ending vicious cycle even though I know he screwed up.. He was convicted of DUI with serious bodily injury on Dec. 29, 2012. And because of a probation violation (driving on a suspended license) he is not able to get his license back until 2015 anyways. Just curious if there is any type of statute for this if he does not finish and waits it out...if that is even option? Thx
the State gave your son a 2nd chance, and it appears that your son has violated his probation. There is no statute...
DUI deputy pulled me over for having brights on. Asked me to step out vehicle and said he wanted a field test. I told him I couldn't due to my extensive injuries from severe accident, and he continued to make me preform tests. Then placed me under arrest. When doing the breathalyzer in the back of his truck (not portable) it stopped at .073 the deputy immediately shut machine off took the print out slip told me I was over double the limit and took me to jail. When I was released the next morning I looked at the ticket he wrote my BAC as .178. I'm not sure what to do now. He didn't observe me for the 20 minutes and he never did the second test to compare for accuracy
You definitely need to hire an attorney. Assuming your recitation of the facts is accurate, there is a multitude of...
i have a pending DUI charge in Pa that is expected to be knocked down to public drunkiness. i am now being charged in Fla for DUI.
It has to be a DUI conviction for it to count as your first. Reducing it down will not count as a DUI conviction.
DUI Vehicular homicide
You are asking Florida lawyers this question. You need to ask lawyers in Georgia.