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I am seeking to get sole with supervised visitations custody of our children being in fear of their saftey what is odds of due to father recent DWI
Sole - not likely unless compelling reason to do so. Supervised, perhaps. is there a history of alcohol abuse.
I have a "business only" driving permit due to refusing a breathalyzer in Florida. I have not been to court yet to face the DUI charge but want to know if there are any states that will issue me a similar license for the remaining time on my one year suspension if I were to move to take another job, or if NOT convicted, will issue me a new license without any penalty?
The best and only answer to your question is that it is state specific. You will need to call the mandatory actions...
thank you
Assuming you were convicted of the DUI 20 years ago, you cannot seal or expunge it from your record.
we are willing to help daughter move to FL with her 2 children and live with us. She has no license (suspended), no job because no transportation, no income, ex husband also jobless and is here in FL. Is it likely her probation officer will let her move?
That's a question you have to ask Kansas. Sometimes, but not always, states will allow probationers to transfer the...
I had a very bad night I don't do drugs or anything like that I just messed up and had a drink is there any possible way to get my license back without having it suspended I really need it to go to work and school
There's a couple of possible things in play here, and your question doesn't really give us a lot to work with: A...
On probation for 1 year.
Unless your were told that yo MUST complete both with in the first six months it should not violate you.
I had a dui in Venice Florida with a Florida driving license but I got on mail in status probation and moved back with my family in Mississippi but can't figure out how to take the 21 hour class here . Please help I have to be enrolled soon.
The Florida DMV has a list of the approved out of state classes that they will accept and are approved. The best...