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If we share 50/50 custody and father just got a DWI with hit and run what is the odds of the mother getting sole custody of kids
I am seeking to get sole with supervised visitations custody of our children being in fear of their saftey what is odds of due to father recent DWI
Sole - not likely unless compelling reason to do so. Supervised, perhaps. is there a history of alcohol abuse.
Can a DUI convicted business only drivers permit be transferred to another state if I move?
I have a "business only" driving permit due to refusing a breathalyzer in Florida. I have not been to court yet to face the DUI charge but want to know if there are any states that will issue me a similar license for the remaining time on my one year suspension if I were to move to take another job, or if NOT convicted, will issue me a new license without any penalty?
The best and only answer to your question is that it is state specific. You will need to call the mandatory actions...
Wanted to ask if after 20 years of a dui in florida is there any way to clear it off your records or is it with you forever..
thank you
Assuming you were convicted of the DUI 20 years ago, you cannot seal or expunge it from your record.
My daughter 40,2 minor children in KS on prob for DUI, license susp,no job no $ can she move to FL to live with me?
we are willing to help daughter move to FL with her 2 children and live with us. She has no license (suspended), no job because no transportation, no income, ex husband also jobless and is here in FL. Is it likely her probation officer will let her move?
That's a question you have to ask Kansas. Sometimes, but not always, states will allow probationers to transfer the...
What type of motion do I need to file to request a reduction of time ordered to a interlock device on my second dui conviction?
I want to file a motion with my sentencing judge requesting that he reduce the two year interlock device requirement he ordered me to, down to the statutory minimum of one year. I was sentenced on November 8, 2012 and successfully completed probation on January 23, 2014. What type of motion do I need to file for this request? Would it be a motion to modify sentence or motion for sentence reduction or something else?
Judges do not usually change their minds like this. What you need to do is go see a seasoned criminal defense attorney...
Florida statutory minimum for interlock device for second dui conviction within 5-years?
What is the Florida statutory minimum for interlock device for second dui conviction within 5-years? On my first dui conviction, I took the breathalyzer and blew .000 BUT refused to do a urinalysis test at the jail. On my second dui conviction, I blew a .000 BUT refused to do a urinalysis test at the jail (again). Therefore, I was also convicted of refusal to submit to a chemical test. Both dui convictions and refusal to submit to a chemical test were within 5-years of each other. Given the listed circumstances, what is the statutory MINIMUM interlock requirement that a judge can legally impose?
The statutory minimum for an interlock device on a 2nd within 5 DUI is one year.
Florida DUI Hardship License - Special Supervision Services Program Question
I will be applying for the Special Supervision Services program to get my hardship license. Part of the application process is to disclose any physicians that I have seen in the past five years AND to sign a release so that the Special Supervision Services program can get a copy of my medical records from these physicians. Can I refuse to give them this information because of HIPAA, or will doing so automatically disqualify me from acceptance into the program?
If you refuse to provide the information and do not waive your privacy rights you more than likely will be disqualified...