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Probably not, but I would hire a good attorney to make sure you avoid the possibility.
Im getting a hardship in fl, but am moving to P.A for work. I have a drug conviction not selling or intent to sell. Marijuana possesion. I am able to get my hardship here in fl, but will it transfer and will there be any fees?
You will need to address that issue in my opinion with the DMV in PA. Although Florida has reciprocity with some other...
I would like to transfer my GA DL to a FL DL but have DUI's from years ago that I am afraid will suspend my priviliege. Can someone help me do this? I don't want FL to actually attempt to do this if it will affect my ability to drive legally.
You can request your driving record from the Florida DMV and see what it says about suspensions.
I was at a bar and I suspect and so did the bartender that I had been slipped something She got me a ride home (just a half block behind bar on dirt road) the person driving hit a old piece of wood fence.Which I have repaired to the satisfaction of the owner. The police came to my house 30-40 minutes later and arrested me for DUI-DUI with property damage DUI leaving the scene with property damage and I refused breathe test because I was not driving. Doesn't seem right to me, I got a ride home. Now I don't have a license and I'm going to lose 2 jobs. What do I do, can they do this?
As you relate the facts you seem to have a valid defense to the charge in that you were not driving. That is certainly...
My son had a dui when he was 18 (which was expunged). He is now graduating college and potental employers are checking his dmv records. I believe it shows up as a alcohol program. How can he get around this? He has a 3.6 gpa from college and graduated high school with 4.0. How long will this stay on his record (connecticut driver's license). This 1 mistake he made is ruining his chances to get employment
He may be waiving his privacy as a condition of securing employment, In GA you would need a power of attorney to obtain...
i end in april . i met all requirements . i will have interlock for 2 years. i will get the interlock on before i get my license in october. can i get this reduced down since i will not be on probation and who do i contact if something goes wrong with the interlock.please help. thank you
If you have a problem with the device you will contact whomever installed it. As for the rest of your question you...
I was in a bar with my husband. Left to wait in the car. Moved the car from a dark parking lot to a lit one for safety purposes. Was stopped because my lights weren't on (they're automatic...I checked as he wrote the ticket, they worked). Video tapes from the bar identified the police officer as being in there observing the patrons at the exact time I was there.
As I understand you were cited for no driving lights? First ,the officer has every right to check out an open place of...