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This is my first dui never committed A crime before but I hot a cop car could I go to jail for this?
I hit a cop and started aa and more classes will this help
AA and classes will help you. The best thing to do is get a criminal defense attorney on your side.
How long is investigaton will take
I am recovering alcoholic I am in recovery now 7 months sober. I am going to aa and have sponsor. I had postpartum depresson after my daughter was born and became an alcoholic. And Fred kick me out from his house when my child was 9 months. His wife always dreamed have a girl but couldn't and she put my hands to my child while I was in rehab
Congratulations on your sobriety. I'm not sure what you are asking nor what is being investigated.
Heartship license
my license was revoked for two years for Felony possession of a controlled subsistence can i get a heartship license
You should be able to apply for a hardship license. You can do so online or by calling the DHSMV at (727) 507-4407
Revoked license
I was sentenced to prison with 5year revocation of my license for fleeing eluding and 2year revocation for felony possession of drugs.can a lawyer get me a heart ship license with these revocation in Florida
The only way to get a hardship license if from the DHSMV. Call them and ask them if and when your are eligible. They...
If I have a driving under suspension in Florida from 3 years ago and since then just recently got my license in Ohio can I drive
in Florida? Tell me if I need to put additional info
if your driving privilege is suspended in florida, you cannot drive in florida even if you have obtained a valid d/l...
My Florida License is under suspended by Pennsylvania; can i get a work permit ? What is best case scenario.?
I have a current FL License which at the moment it is under suspension due to PA posting to the National Driver Registry...(Origiinally prior to the PA DMV action I failed to pay a Traffic fine in Florida and my FL. license was suspended..that matter is clear up) Pa has sited me 4 time for violating Section 1543A Driving While Suspended / Revoked (while my Florida License was under suspension PA DMV acted on my failure to pay = Suspension request to FL) All financial responsibility requirement on the PA citations have been satisfied..The Suspension Term for PA ends 5/12/16.
Speak to a PA DUI lawyer on how to release the hold on your license then speak to a FL attorney on if your eligible for...
I got pulled with my first DUI with a blood alcohol level of .22 do you think i will serve jaiil time?
Probably not, but I would hire a good attorney to make sure you avoid the possibility.