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If I fill out a form that asks has your license ever been suspended or revoked?
When I was 16 I got a DWI different from a dui and my license was suspended for 6 months. I'm 17 now and do I have to put that when I fill out forms?
If you want to be truthful about it, absolutely. If the question is so broad as to ask you if you have "ever" been...
The use of standardized and nonstandardized FST on a dui stop
a cop with no evidence other than his own testimony detailed a report of 5 failed FSTs during a dui stop. of which 3 were standard (Walk and turn, Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus, and Walk an turn) and the use of the extra 2 Romberg tilt test, and the finger to nose. The report states that all 5 of the tests were failed based on a number of varying queues. Does the use of the additional 2 tests aid in any kind of defense that could be attacked or challenged? Does each county have its own admissible acceptable uses for non-standard FSTs per NHTSA?
The fact that a LEO administered more than 3 tests can cut both ways either he was looking for confirmation of being...
2nd DUI in 5 yrs/fl very little evidence other than affidavit and officer testimony, no offer from the state to reduce.
I was pulled over for 2nd DUI in 5 years. the state is offering mandatory minimums. here are some details discovery showed no dashcam video/audio, just an (inaccurate) report of failing pretty much every FST I refused a breath test and didn't blow report says I was weaving, speeding (estimated, no radar gun) and driving with my hazards which I explained was because just minutes prior I had to replace my tire on the side of the road. I have 2 witnesses that can account for 4 hours of me not drinking, though I admitted to having a couple hours earlier in the say for my birthday. does this seem acquittable by jury trial?it appears to be my only option as I'm in school and a conviction would be detrimental
Retain counsel. A conviction will follow you forever.
Probable cause for pullover on written report
could this hold up as probable cause for a pullover that resulted in a dui? not maintaining a single lane and traveling with hazards,weaving and drifting. The amount of time spent following was < 2 mi but was also not specified in the report. There is no other remarks made about the time spent observing the vehicle, nor is there footage of any aspect of the pullover. Is there grounds for a suppression here ?
Retain an experienced attorney who handles DUI matters. Suppression hearings are not for amateurs.
4th DUI in FL over a 14 year period.
Just wondering what the actual jail sentence turns out to be for someone who's had 4 DUI's in FL. I understand a person can be sentenced up to 5 years, but I am just trying to get an average. These DUI's occurred over a 14 year period. First 2 were outside of 10 years before the second 2. There was also a DUI in another state within 5 years of the last 2 in FL. No accidents, injuries, property damage and thank GOD no one was hurt in any of these DUI's. All were completed and cleared up before being convicted of another one with exception of the most recent. Probation was never violated, fines were all paid, license was reinstated. State is offering 4 years in prison. Should we assume this will be the most likely outcome? Thank you for any responses.
One should NEVER assume that the state's "offer" is the likely result. I would respectfully suggest that each DUI...
Hello, Is it true that I can never get my felony DUI record sealed?
I live in Florida and I'm trying to rent an apartment but I keep getting denied due to my DUI felony record. Therefore, I am trying to see if I can get it removed from my background checks for this purpose.
If you entered a plea to or were found guilty at trial of a DUI the Court was required to adjudicate you. If you have...
I am on dui probation and got arrested sat morning for dui and driving on suspicion license. How long till warrant is issued?
I tried to contact my probation office and left a message. We were driving home and my fiancé said the car was driving odd and she could feel it in the pedals. So she pulled over on a side road and I drove the car to make sure nothing was wrong. There was no traffic anywhere. I came to a stop sign, stopped made a right and saw 3-4 police vehicles on opposite side of the road. I pulled over immediately but realized I was in a turning lane so decided to find a safer place to stop without drawing attention. Before I could, I was being pulled over. Was given a roadside sob test and did perfect (for real) bc I hadn't been drinking for a while and had only had 2 beers. After I was asked to walk towards the cruiser and placed under arrest for the aforementioned. I refused to blow. bailed out now.
Each jurisdiction in Florida may handle this differently. You are charged with misdemeanors and often times the court...