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in 2008 I was convicted of DUI and have not driven since. I do not own a automobile. I understand the insurance requirements. My conviction was over five years past, I was wondering if there is any grace period after such a lengthy period of time when the requirement may be forgiven.
In order to have your drivers license reinstated, interlock would have to be installed - assuming from your limited...
He was never arrested. The DUI charges came almost 4 months after the incident. He went to court and received a sentence that included fines, probation, 30 days in jail, and a 5-year license suspension. He was never read his Miranda rights at any time. Is this an issue?
Well, if he was never arrested, likely Miranda wasn't an issue because Miranda is invoked at the time of detention or...
I have been charged with careless driving and a 2nd DUI, 3 months after the incident occurred. There is no court date assigned, I was told to call thd court. I didn't retain an attorney for the 1st DUI and the public defender was awful! What does a retainer cover and how much is the average retainer?
DUI is an enhanceable offense, meaning that eventually you could face felony charges for what would otherwise be a...
The person in question was non-responsive and taken to the local hospital for emergency treatment. The vehicle he was in was towed and no one was notified. The police officer that responded showed up for an initial interview at the hospital but didn't take any notes. He indicated that there would be an arrest once the hospital has cleared him to be released.
You should contact an attorney because blood cases can cause problems for the state of proper procedures are not...
I have a 13 year clean driving record. This is my first ticket. I know I was not speeding and what to contest this in court. My ticket is for $75 for driving: "unlawful speed at 27 mph in a posted 15 mph zone. The offense charged is F.S.S 316.187. I want to know if I will get points on my license and what does this F.S.S. 316.187 code mean? The officer said he clocked me on a radar. Where can I found that information on the ticket? Also, will I have a chance getting this ticket dismissed in court? Thanks!
316.187 is the statute you are accused of violating. In this case, speeding. You could get points on your license....
my public defender said he worked out a nice plea deal that i havbe to take or i am going to jail, he is pressuring me into taking it. I told him i no longer have a vehicle, i live with my parents and they dont allow me to use there car, and he said my dad will have to get the interlock put on his car and im like why, he said i need the interlock because it was a refusal, i am a first time offender, and i do not want the interlock! is it required and what happens if i no longer have a car to put the interlock om
If you are taking diversion it is a requirement of the program in Orange county.
I have a Lawyer hired for my first DUI case which was 3 years ago and will go to trial soon as I entered a plea of not guilty recently. Both charges at this point are "1st time offender" charges as well. I'm on the fence about going to trial for this 2nd DUI. I can't go to jail, I have a full time job and a family. Am I facing Jail time? No injuries on either DUI either or accident. First DUI was in broward county, second was in Palm beach.
For a second dui the mandatory minimum jail time is 10 days, but it could be more.