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The person in question was non-responsive and taken to the local hospital for emergency treatment. The vehicle he was in was towed and no one was notified. The police officer that responded showed up for an initial interview at the hospital but didn't take any notes. He indicated that there would be an arrest once the hospital has cleared him to be released.
You should contact an attorney because blood cases can cause problems for the state of proper procedures are not...
I have been charged with careless driving and a 2nd DUI, 3 months after the incident occurred. There is no court date assigned, I was told to call thd court. I didn't retain an attorney for the 1st DUI and the public defender was awful! What does a retainer cover and how much is the average retainer?
DUI is an enhanceable offense, meaning that eventually you could face felony charges for what would otherwise be a...
My son has been spending $60/week on drug and alcohol counseling and the counselor keeps adding required sessions. He has tested negative on every drug test for the past year except the last one last week. He declined to take because he knew he would fail for marijuana. He only had two sessions left and now the counselor is telling him he will have to start the 12 week treatment all over again. Feels like a never ending vicious cycle even though I know he screwed up.. He was convicted of DUI with serious bodily injury on Dec. 29, 2012. And because of a probation violation (driving on a suspended license) he is not able to get his license back until 2015 anyways. Just curious if there is any type of statute for this if he does not finish and waits it out...if that is even option? Thx
the State gave your son a 2nd chance, and it appears that your son has violated his probation. There is no statute...
i was in Panama City Beach on spring break and got pulled over picking my friend up from a club and still had alcohol in my system and received a DUI. I'm from Minnesota and i've heard that some states don't transfer the DUI over and i wouldn't lose my license is that true?
Florida, like most other states in the country, is part of the Drivers License Compact. Under this compact, all member...
the state of MI denied reinstatement because I take too many meds, didn't follow procedures, which I did but my attorney put my case on the back-burner, I believe, because I moved to FL. she messed up the first hearing, which I don t' want to get into right now. she ignored my case for over 2 years. can I get a hardship license in FL? can I get one in CO if I move there for 90 days. I am slightly disabled with a heart condition and back pain issues. I need to see many doctors on a monthly basis. it's been over 6 years and I need to drive and become independent. I'm 54.
The state of Florida will not allow you to get a drivers license until you clear up any revocations in your home state....
My First DUI case will come to an end this week and most probably i will get a suspension on my license. I will go to DMV and get a restricted license(30 days to work and home). In the mean time, I am moving out to Florida permanently in 2 to 3 weeks. There is grace period of 30 days in Florida where you can drive with your previous states license. So, Will I be able to drive in Florida with my CA restricted license as well ? I enquired with florida DMV and they said I cannot get a restricted license in Florida with an out of state hardship on license. So I was wondering if I wait it out and drive the full 30 days with CA restricted license and then when the restriction is done then go to a DMV get a full license in Florida.
The restricted ca. license can be used for thirty days until you can get the restriction lifted and gain a florida dl....
In the State of Florida, how long can a Blood Sample for a DUI tox screen go unrefrigerated? In the case I'm assisting in, the defendant's blood was inside a hot cop car for approximately two (2) days. If you could also provided a statute or procedure reference, I would appreciate it
Probably only a matter of an hour or so, perhaps a little more, depending upon the facts. Perhaps not even that much.