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Last week I got pulled over because expired Regis. And I have my warrant for my DUI. And the car also not yet under my name and the previous owner already declare at the dmv. Do u have to go talk to detective at wilshire division polish satiation to get the paper for the car out first? Or should I just taking care of my DUI first ? I was working as the delivery guy I know it was stupid thing to do but I also got bills and rent to pay. And the job is hard to find now day. Please help.
Now you have attorney's fees to pay. Time to retain an experienced criminal defense attorney to help you unravel the...
What are the chances of winning tomorrow. I am facing deportation. I got pulled over 6 years ago and got charge with a DUI I paid all the fines and finish all classes and I am no longer in probation. I have been fighting 6 years my son was diagnosed with ADHD one year ago he takes therapies every Monday for 45 minutes and sees the psychiatrist once a month my son is on medication drinking aderral once a day he has an IEP in school I have been in this state since 1998. I have 4 kids (born here in the US. I own a home my wife has DACA I i work and provide for my family my wife stays home with the kids and my insurance pays for my sons treatment. What are my chances of not getting deported?
I am not sure what hearing you have tomorrow, but if it is regarding deportation you should post this in the...
do not drive with any measurable amount of alcohol/without lisence.for 3 years,now almost 3 years on january 2014.i was stop for this included violation.
Typically infractions are not considered a viola tigon of the terms of your probation. You still should fight ticket...
Original sentence was 90 days, plus 16 days for fines and 16 days for community service.
You would be entitled to half-time credits, which on 122 days means 61 days, but the jails are so overcrowded that most...
Original sentence was 90 days, plus 16 days for fines and 16 days for community service.
This is a repeat question. Because of overcrowding you probably will get released much sooner than you expect.
I was caught drinking . Im 17 and i said i was 18 to the police . Can i go to the police and tell them im actually 17, and go to court without my parents, or possibly my brother who is 21 already . If it's possible i just want to make the date earlier like maybe tomorrow or something . I would just like to pay the fine no matter how much it is . I really don't care if i have a lawyer or not . . . What would happen if i dont go to court as well ? Will a police come to my house ? Or will I be sent something in the mail ?
If you don't go to court a warrant will be issued for your arrest. it's best to have your parents and an attorney go...
LAPD pulled my children's father over for DUI and he was booked as a misdemeanor but she I tried to post bail I was told I couldn't because there was an ICE hold. I am a USC and we have 2 children together. I need his financial assistance as well as his help to raise them. Is there a way to help him stay in the US? He's been here since he was a little kid, his family is here too but they're all undoc.
You need to repost this question as an immigration question, not a DUI question.