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  • Child drowns in bathtub

    Tuesday Nov 25 | via Pacifica Tribune 

    Last Saturday, at approximately 11:45 a.m., personnel from the Pacifica Police Department, North County Fire Authority, and American Medical Response responded to the 200 block of Lauren Avenue for a possible drowning victim. Upon arrival, emergency personnel located a 5-year old female victim that was unresponsive and not breathing.


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I had a dui last November. No one was injured, and my car insurance paid off the damages to other cars. Now a year later I am being called back into court for restitution, the person who is suing me was one of the owners of the car I hit. It is for 10,000 dollars. I am on welfare and food stamps, have no bank account and no property. I have been doing the community service and dui school. I have been doing everything right since this happened. What am I looking at as far as going to court and telling them I have no money?
Normally in these cases they go after your insurance. Usually your liability is indemnified through your insurance...
Our minivan was broadsided on the driver's side by an oncoming pickup truck driven by a drunk driver. The impact shattered all the windows on that side and all the side curtain air bags deployed. My husband suffered some injury to his neck and shoulder and he was transported to the ER soon after the accident. My son who was sitting on the side the truck hit also has pain in his neck and soreness in his arms and pain in his ear and temple which wasn't immediate until the following day. Our van has been determined to be at a total loss by our insurance adjuster. It was just paid off in December and was in excellent condition and very low mileage.
Absolutely, you have a slam dunk PI case. I suggest contacting an ecperienced PI attorney.
I have supervised probation for 3 years and i can't even go out of states for work. I tried last time with PO and he didn't let me go to east coast for my job. My job needs to travel nationwide. So how shall i do? Let my job lose because of probation? Is there any way and chance to terminate my probation? This is my first crime and very little one. Should i request for more jail time to terminate probation right away. I just want to keep my job and free to go anywhere in US. Otherwise, i have no way to pay the restitution fees of $5000 dollar. I just want to finish this up soon!I already served my jail time at the county jail for 6 months. Just probation made me so annoy for my job!
It sounds like you were found guilty of a felony DUI. To get a felony DUI without prior you must have been in an...
Can i leave the country forever if i have supervised probation in San Francisco in Pacifica, CA
If you are on supervised probation, you will violate that probation if you leave. You should talk to your probation...
I'm on formal probation about to be put on court probation (no supervision). My question is will I be violated for an incident that occurred 4 months before I was put on probation? I just got a letter today from the court in regard to VC 23152 a, VC 20002 a, HS 11375 B 2 that occurred in may of 2009. Since this incident is unrelated and happened before I was put on probation will there be any violations? Thanks
An incident that occurred before you were put on probation is not a violation of probation but a conviction for it can be.
Here are the facts: I dropped my friend off. As I pulled out I saw a cop behind me. I immediately pulled into the lot across from her place and parked to rest up. I fell asleep reclined in the driver's seat with key not in the ignition. I was woken up an hour later by a cop knocking on my window. I opened the door and answered his questions. I told him I parked because I didn't feel well. I said I had been drinking alcohol. He took my license asked if I had warrants out. He handed me back my license and said to sleep it off in the car and go home in the morning. A cop car drove by an hour later and I was still parked, not moving. He did not perform a field sobriety test. He did not give me a breathalyzer. Again, the car was not moving, I was parked with the car off.
It depends. They need evidence to prove DUI. A breath test, blood or urine sample to prove alcohol was in your system...
I got a DUI and took a blood test instead of using a breathalyzer. I'm wondering if my results come back high, would it even be useful to have a lawyer. I am told that lawyer can't do much in terms of lowering class time and can only lower "jail" time. My friend's BAC was .25 and she was sentenced to 9 months class time and only five hours community service on top of the night she did in jail. If I have no hope of lowering my class time and might only be sentenced to a 5 hours service, what is the benefit of a lawyer? I am a first time offender in a fairly lenient city. Also, if I want to have my blood retested, do I have to have a lawyer in order to do that or can I make the request on my own? I know that I will not get the BAC results until after my arraignment date.
The same benefits if your BAC is not high. Review your case in great detail to find a jury issue so that the DA will buckle.