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A friend blew a .08 when drinking, she went to move her vehicle and she bumped a friend not injuring them, that said persons wife called the police and ambulance, he refused medical attention because he had drugs in his system. The driver went to jail with a dui and assault, which the commonwealth has now changed to attempted murder. The one hit did press charges but still there is no doctors notes or injuries, what can this person do so she doesn't go to jail for a accident.
She needs to get a lawyer to help defend her and fight the charges and protect her right.
I was late to formation and I was rushing ot my room and a NCO saw me driving my Vehicle. so they are trying to get me for a DUI. They ended up brining me to the staiton and I blew a .118, so yes i was drunk on duty. Is there so many hours they could go before they report it or can they just do it. They are trying to chapter me on a 14-12c. Just want to see what all I can do. I already have chapter paperwork in which they lied on.
You need to speak with an attorney who does military law on these topics.
I had my first DUI on 11/14/2010 and it was unaggravated but my second one was on 8/28/2014 and it was aggravated. Can I get my first DUI expunged and when ? Thank you. I live in KY.
If you plead guilty to the 2nd DUI, you will be ineligible to have the first one expunged, absent a creative agreement...
My son's blood work from the hospital states his Ethanol level, Plasma was 81 (NEG mg/dL) - what does that mean? We have heard that number needs to be converted because it is Plasma.
You should be discussing this (or rather your son should) with his DUI defense lawyer. DUI defense is not a DIY project....
i have never been arrested or in any trouble in my life. i went to pretrial today and was told that i said in a statement that i saw my husband drive his scooter in the driveway and then on audio i said that i didn't see him drive in the driveway but he came back after leaving. the county attorney wanted a guilty plea. i refused to plead guilty and asked for a deferral. he refused any options but to go to trial. is this legal and what will happen in this case?
You should already have an attorney, so you need to speak to that attorney about it, because that attorney knows the...
I have lost my job And know I cannot work because of my disability. How much volunteer work can I do to pay off my fines and court fee. Also is a court cost the same as service fees?
I can't speak directly to the laws of KY, but in NY there is no option to "work off" your fines. You owe the fines and...
I showed no HGN but because I didn't pass the FST the officer arrested me. I am almost 60 yrs old. I have arthritis bad enough I have trouble walking a lot of the time. It was almost 1:30am and I was in an unfamiliar town looking for the AT&T store where my boyfriend had left his truck. I was driving really slow looking for the building and the officer said I crossed the center line twice and then crossed the white line. I thought after he learned of my perplexed situation he would help me instead he saw an opportunity to arrest me. He told me I was "impaired" because I couldn't pass his Test. My eyes were fine and my speech was fine. And I know my blood test has to be negative. What are they going to do with me? I have never been so humiliated and insulted in my life.
No alcohol and no drugs in your system? The case should be dropped.