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I was accuzed of drinking . I denied.the.accusal.. Offered to take a breathelyzer . The officer.did.not have one so i asked if i wS.being.arrested or detained. He said no.. So i.chose to.walk away. He later sent memo to my probation officer who installed in motion to revoke
There was a strong odor of alcohol on your breath, your gate was staggered, your eyes bloodshot, and your speech was...
I received a letter that stated my revocation period was 05/2010-05/2013 and driving privileges would be reinstated at the end of period without further action from me. KS web DL status page told me I wasn't eligible until 2014, so I stayed revoked for 4 years and didn't drive. Now they are requiring me to have interlock for an additional year. I have tried calling Driver Control and emailing, but when I get an answer, they basically say I have to deal with it. I understand that I can submit to modify suspension/interlock suspension (KSA 8-1014) and document DC 1014. The doc says you can receive credit for previously served suspension time served. I served 4yrs probation and 4yrs revoked of driving. Is there any way to modify my interlock restriction?
Probably the best thing to do is contact your previous lawyer and see if the can assist you in this situation. Good luck.
Thanks for reading. I am five months away from finishing a two year probation for my 2nd DUI. I have completed all requirements and am paying down my fines. I received one violation and have been squeaky clean since. I have had the interlock on my car since August 2011 and have no prior fails. Good relationship with my PO. I went out this morning, took a breath test on my interlock, and it passed. I tried to start my car and it started and then just shut off. The interlock called for another breath test when I went to start it again. I took it and it failed this time. Same thing the third time. The fourth time, it passed again and I started the car and it died again. Disconnected the car battery an hour later, took another test, and it passed again. What will most likely happen now?
Call some lawyers in your area to put them on notice that you may be calling them back to hire them. If you were...
I was stopped last Friday but was not given a breathalyzer, only taken to the ER. What do I need to do from here as I have not heard anything from anyone
I'm sorry, but there isn't enough information in your post to tell you what you need to do. You say you were taken the...
My tire popped, and my car flew up over the curb and down a 30 ft ravine and my insurance adjuster is pretty sure its a total loss. I was not injured nor was anyone else. Police arrived on the scene, separated my fiance and i and asked if we'd been drinking. HE said yeah! all night! *he was VERY intoxicated*, i hadnt drank in over and hour and had eaten before i attempted our 10 min drive home. Officers questioned me, i began to get upset because i was not drunk, they arrested me for DUI and would not let me take a breathalyzer or do any FSE's. They then marked in the paperwork that i REFUSED the test. I even begged the guard when i got to jail to let me take one. What do i do?!
You need to hire a good local attorney experienced in DUI Cases. Look at Avvo for a local attorney.
I got a DUI in Indiana but i live in Kansas, if i dont go to my court date will i still be able to legallly drive in Kansas
Failing to show up in court and a conviction / plea to DUI are two separate things. If you plea to DUI in one state,...
So I got a DUI got put on diversion missed a couple of my UAs so my diversion officer got it revoked never heard anything from the courts now I have a bench warrant with a set bond of 1500 cash or surety cause I missed the court date. Just need a little help and direction on what I should do because I can't afford an attorney.
You will have to turn yourself in on the warrant and request a court appointed attorney. If you are able to afford an...