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What if a person is charged for a duii with a .05 then hit hours later with a .03 attempt? Can this be a possible 2 conviction?
Nothing else on driving record or criminal record at the time of the situation?
An attorney would need a lot more information to be able to answer fully, and you shouldn't post any details here or...
How long do I have to enter diversion after my court date.
My court date is in a week.do I start diversion right away.how much time do I have to enroll in the diversion classes.
In most counties in Oregon, if you are eligible and choose to enter Diversion, you will officially do so on your second...
Is it better to plead "guilty" or "no contest" in a DUI case in order to enter diversion?
In order to enter diversion, you must plead "guilty" or "no contest." Which choice is a better plea?
They're essentially the same thing. Guilty means you agree you did the act that makes you guilty. No contest means you...
What will happen if i didn't complete diversion program and got another DUII?
please let me know as soon as possible...thank you for your response.
If you are still within the one year diversion period, that is, if it's been less than year since you entered the...
My freind wants to move to florida,but is on probation gor felony duii conviction.what are statue limattations
is there a time frame before it goes away or is it always there , can he transfer his probation .
His probation is as long as his probation is. This information is very easy to find out, and I'm sure your friend...
Do I need a lawyer if I plan to plead guilty and take diversion?
I go to court next Friday
You are not required to have a lawyer, but anyone who is facing a criminal charge would be well advised to consult a...
Should my husband get a lawyer for DUI #2?
He was found with marijuana paraphenalia, blew a 0.0 on breathalizer, denied the blood test, and got another charge for rear-ending someone on the interstate in the pouring rain. Make too much for public defender, but not enough to hire a lawyer. Should he just plead guilty?
You should never just plead guilty, without understanding the legal issues involved with your case, or the sentencing...