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Ok here goes. I am on probation for a assault and battery charge from last October. I have one month left and got a DUI. And yes I know I f'd up. I know I deserve what I get. But any advice on what to expect and what I should do. The DUI was on a night I thought it was a good idea to go with a friend to visit. I figured a drink wouldnt hurt. Next thing you know I've drank all night after not drinking for ten plus months. I ended up running into a barrier and had a blood level of .34. I am just happy I didn't hurt anyone.
The best thing you can do right now is hire an experienced DUI attorney. Hopefully they will be able to minimize the...
i was told that it was stupid to do but not a crime
Yes. It is real. Get a lawyer. Flipping off cops is plain stupid.
i let someone use my car and they were involved in an accident. the cops show up at my house and question me and arrest me for dui and leaving the scene. they claim to have witnesses but also questioned my wife if she was driving. what are my options?
You need an attorney immediately. Do not post any more about this online. Conviction on these charges could have...
I am a traveling RN and getting a license in other states is hard with a DUI on my record. I was pulled over in Omaha with a BAC of 0.8. I was not involved in a accident or any damages. Classified as a misdemeanor offence. I want to know if it is possible to have my DUI annulled or expunged?
Check out the following, it may be helpful:
i was arrested for dui but was at home and had been for about half an hour before the officers showed up. there are some discrepancies between the accident report and the ticket i was given. do i have any chance winning the ALR hearing or should i just waive it so im eligible for IIP?
First never waive any of your rights without talking to an attorney. You may have some issues in your case so you...
The police officer contacted me while I was parked on the side of the road with my vehicle running. I was wondering since my vehicle was never in motion and was not actually pulled over, could that help me out at all?
There's always a chance of that and your chances go way up if you hire a good attorney and fight the charges.
I am contracted to move to Mexico from the US in the fall and work as a teacher at a high school. I am applying for my visa right now, and I was wondering if a past misdemeanor DUI will prevent me from obtaining the visa I need. Thank you for your help.
Attorneys on Avvo practice US law. They cannot advise you on the laws and requirements of other countries. You need...