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Will my FL DL be suspended for a NC DUI conviction?
I got a DUI and my license was suspended in NC. I love in FL but my FL DL was never suspended. I am in the process of clearing up my suspension in NC by paying my last fine. By paying my last fine will that trigger something through the Interstate Compact and cause my FL DL to become suspended? Also, if it does not, am I at risk for my DL becoming suspended at renewal? My renewal is up in 2020 and the conviction was in 2013. Isnt there a timeframe that the DMV has to suspend my license? Can they still suspended at my renewal in 2020?
You should only have one driver's license. If you had a suspension in NC, then your Florida DL was suspended. Once you...
This is my first mis dui. Should I get a lawyer to help mE? And what is it gonna cost me to go thru this with out a lawyer
Please help and information on this would me out a lot. I have court on Monday and I haven't gotten a lawyer yet. They made me do I road test and they said I failed and I did blow. First blow was , .100 second waS, .102. And they searched my car with out asking me Is that lawful.
Yes, you need an attorney. Yes, the search incident to arrest was lawful.
I got my First DUI this weekend and blew double the limit is there a possibility of getting it reduced to a wet wreckless?
The details of dui I got the dui and blew but I blew double the limit is there a possibility of getting it reduced or anything if I get a lawyer?
It is hard to say with these limited facts. Of course there are many ways to defend a DUI and it is very important that...
My mother has seven driving with a suspended license or revoked since 2005. She recieved the last on 2/2/15. Will she do time?
My mother has seven driving with a suspended license or revoked since 2005. She recieved her seventh one on febuary 20, 2015. Along with running a stop sign. Registration expired more than 6 months, improper tag, and no insurance. Is she going to face jail time?
I see that you re-posted this question to add some more details. Please refer to my previous answer to this question I...
My mother has 7 driving on a suspended or revoked license. She received the 7th one on feb. 20. Will she go to jail?
On the 20th along with the driving on a suspended she also got improper.tag, expired registration, ran a stop sign.
Because you don't finish your sentences I'm unable to answer your question, whatever that might be. BTW, your mother...
I was involved in a car accident back in 2013 the woman was drunk and rear ended me and my fiance I am awaiting my settlement
and haven't been working since, now I owe back child support because I have not been able to pay in 16 months. My lawyer and doctor recommended that I refrain from any heavy lifting I am only allowed to lift up to 15-20lbs I am in the construction field so that limits me a great deal. I have severe back injuries and just had surgery about 2 months ago I am hoping to return to work soon but until than I have no income. So say I am getting a $20,000 settlement and I owe about that in back child support do they take the entire settlement. I just want to be prepared for the outcome of this settlement. If i was never in this situation I would be working and I would not have any back child support.
Are you represented by counsel? If not, and depending on the amount of coverage, you may be entitled to more. If you...
Incorrect information on a DUI narrative, can that cause the case to be thrown out?
Got a DUI and am going through the process of getting documentation from the state. I noticed that in my police narrative, the arresting officer put the name of someone else. i.e. Same first and last name, however, different middle name, DOB, and address. Would this be an important thing to look at when approaching my case? Both at the DMV and in the criminal proceedings?
Any mistake by the officer is potentially significant, but I don't think this will result in a complete dismissal. It'...