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My question is about IID time period.
I got my first and only DUI. Going on almost 5 years or so ago. I finished my probation and classes. Was cleared by the courts. But i dont have a car. And haven't had the money for one. Let alone for the IIDto be iinstalled plus the monthly fee. My question is there any limit of time for the need of a IID to stop? Or could i go another 50 years where i cant get my license back u ntill i get a car and install an IID to it for a year. Seems harsh. Since its been over 4 years since i was cleared for my Dui by the courts and i haven't drove in all of that time.
Yeah, I don't know any way to get out of the time requirement. Sorry man.
I was arrested for dui in kansas and i am currently on pre trial diversion.How do i go about reinstating license in WA
. My license is suspended till Nov 2014 and ordered to only drive a vehicle with IID till NOV 2015 by the DMV and not the court. Is there anyway i can fight the one year IID rule ? . Can i wait a period of one year and not install a IID since its not court mandated ?. I have now moved to WA
Good morning. When a driver gets stopped for DUI in KS, there is an opportunity to request an administrative hearing....
Can I chose not to drive for a year than have a IID installed
I got a letter from DMV stating that I am only allowed to operate a vehicle with a IID for a year. This was done by DMV and not by court since i am currently on Pre trial diversion. I was not convicted and there was no suspension/order by the court.
Ask the DMV. Each state's DMV has different rules as to this issue. In some states, the answer is yes to your question.
I was fired due to being drunk on a business trip. Will this prevent me from getting unemployment insurance?
I was fired due to being drunk on a business trip. Will this prevent me from getting unemployment insurance?
This will depend on the state you are in and what the unemployment laws are. It will also depend on how the employer...
I was pulled over and charged with dui, breathalyzer was 0.00, however had to take urine test at county jail
I continued multiple times, then found the prosecutors didn't have UA results, so county did 4~5 continuances, then my lawyer wanted more for going so much, i didn't have the money (1500$ paid already to him) so skipped court, well judge even made a weird face at last court date 2 years since arrest and prosecutor still has no UA results, and i blew 0.00, i wasn't drinking, was getting offworkon way home, UA would of showed thc, but like i said its been 2 1/2 years now and still they say KBI hasn't sent results, ummmm dismissal? And can i go without lawyer and explain he wanted more and if dismissal i don't want to pay a new lawyer......thanks
Yes, dismissal. Go to court and ask for one. Good luck.
Second DUI probation possibility of failed ua consequences.
Im on my second DUI (first DUI was five years ago probation completed with no problems)I've served jail time already for my second and attended probation orientation second appointment took some type of question evaluation and assigned to a PO but was not asked to take baseline urinalysis I started color code system and mon after this Memorial Day holiday my color was called I might have dropped a dirty ua I drank on fir and had 3 beers on sun I also took one hyrocoden without prescription for sever back pain will this count as my baseline or just be counted as a dirty ua either way what is is the most likely outcome
You're in considerable amount of trouble. Testing dirty on a drug/alcohol test never works out well. Consequences are...
What are the benefits of having a lawyer for violating diversion for a DUI?
I violated my diversion and my case is being referred back to court. They already know that I'm guilty because I signed paperwork admitting my guilt as a condition for being put on diversion. Now I don't know if I will go to jail or what will happen. I don't have much money and I want to make sure getting a lawyer will actually benefit me. Thank you.
If you violated diversion then for example in the state of california the judge could sentence you to the maximum on...