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My bestfriend was arrested for DUI but got off with a Wet Reckless. Courts didn't require her to take DUI classes, but DMV said she had to be enrolled in a 3 month program to get her restricted license after the 30 day suspension. They also told her she doesn't have to complete it, just need to enroll?? That doesn't make sense to me. Why pay for a class that the courts don't require her to?
I had my lawyer show up for me on my first appearance and he said no charges were filed. that's when i called the DA and they told me my case was rejected. Im not fully confident in my lawyer therefore Im looking for answers here.I had a 0.06 BAC and got pulled over for going 5 miles over the limit. was in jail for a little over an hour.
If the case was rejected by the Ventura DA you are in good shape. There will be no paperwork to show case was rejected....
I have recently been able to pay off all my court fines and am enrolled in the DUI classes. I couldn't find a ride to work and was pulled over for expired registration. I have been really trying to get my life together, go back to school, and pay everything off but its really hard without a license. What are my chances of getting a restricted one now that this has happened? Also what kind of punishment am i looked at for those charges?
Driving without a required IID is a one year, no restriction suspension. A 2nd driving on a suspended has a minimum of...
I was arrested for violation of summary probation last week. I was on summary probation because I got a DUI 2 1/2 years ago. The violation was because the police were called to my residence and I had been drinking (inside). No charges were filed against me except for violation of probation. I bailed out. However, I can find no indication of when I am to have a court hearing. I looked online and it said that the case had been dismissed. Is it still a violation of probation? Especially if I had no charges AND I was never breathalyzed? Why am I not allowed to drink in the privacy of my own home?
Your post indicates that you bailed out. You should have been provided paperwork upon your release with a court date....
my last DUI conviction was on 1995, before that I served time in prison for multiple Du I's. In 1997 I went to a rehab and completed a 9 months program. In 1999 I got my license back after DMV told me to do a 3 month program. Then few months later my license was suspended. Recently I went back to see what I need to do and they want me to do an 18 months program. In 1999 I enrolled at the local college on addictive disorders courses and on 2001 I received my certifications. I also have an AS now on Addictive Disorders Studies in the Criminal Justice System, and I am accredited by one largest the state approved organizations. Further more, I have few more classes to complete so I can transfer to an university. I need to know what are my alternatives? I have been sober since 1997.
Your accomplishments and the way you have turned your life around for the better are definitely something to be proud...
I am done with everything except I still owe on my fine. I want to move to Az. I also do not want to look for a job unless I can move there. Would this be hard to do?
If all you have left to do is pay fines and there are no other restrictions you should be able to mail in your payment...
have dui from 2012. on probation. stopped and given sobriety test friday nite. no arrest. no 2nd dui will DMV revoke DL again? Officer did not arrest me nor impound the car but said i was weaving. told them my fron end out of line but when they ran lic and saw on probation they gave me sobriety test. I did not get 2nd DUI. officer said it was 0.05% and i told them i had no alchohol. box on APS form marked 0.01% BAC. queston: will DMV revoke my lic again if 0.01%? i have a temporay lic good for 30 days? what are my rights? can i go to DMV hearing and win without a lawyer? Ihave been driving 61 years and first DUI but they just keep stopping me in ventura county!
You were cited under the "zero tolerance" law, California Vehicle Code ยง23154, for driving with a measurable amount of...