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Can i take the mandatory dui classes online since i cant get to the class location
thr are no classes in my town and ventura is definitely too far by bicycle. can i take online courses since i have no way to get to the classes in ventura. bus service is unreliable and with my myasthenia graivis i couldnt last that long on a bus before my legs wiuld collapse
Not possible in CA. DMV doesn't allow online
Can the DMV refuse to give my friend her restricted licence until she enrolls in a DUI program even if court doesn't require?
My bestfriend was arrested for DUI but got off with a Wet Reckless. Courts didn't require her to take DUI classes, but DMV said she had to be enrolled in a 3 month program to get her restricted license after the 30 day suspension. They also told her she doesn't have to complete it, just need to enroll?? That doesn't make sense to me. Why pay for a class that the courts don't require her to?
I finished all of my DUI classes and just finished paying off my fees, do I have to do anything else now?
I finished all courses last year and finished paying my court fees earlier this month, I'm not sure if I need to go to court to let a judge know I'm done or if I need to do anything else
Ask your lawyer, he/she knows what you were ordered to complete as part of your sentence.
I just got a letter from the Dmv stating my license is suspended for my 2nd dui for 1 year.
The letter says nothing about being able to get a restricted in 90 days with a interlock device and with enrollment in 18 month program. Does that mean I will not be able to get the restricted, The letter does not say a hard 1 year suspension. Or do I just go to the dmv when the 90 days is up and show prof of interlock, dui school and sr 22 and then can get my restricted?
As long as you otherwise qualify, you can get a license 90 days after the court conviction by filing an SR22, enrolling...
Hello, I have a question concerning court fees, fines, & restitution VS probation fees.
1 year ago I was convicted of First time DUI and failure to stop (complicated/lengthy to explain, I did NOT run or evade police..) Anyways, after conviction I served the mandatory 90 day sentence and paid all the court fee's, fines, and restitution cost. A sum of $6,000, which drained my bank account and I also lost my job in the process, and I'm currently a college student with massive loans. Even though a misdeamnor, I was givin 3 years probation. I go every month without incident, and have a good relationship with my PO. However with 0 income and massive debt for school, a monthly fee of $142 is still being charged which is an additional ~ $4000, totaling @ $10k. They are claiming even though I paid all fines & fees, monthly prob. Fees must be paid. Is this legal or justified ?
If the $142/mo is a probation fee and if the probation officer will not waive the fee talk to the lawyer who...
I was arrested for DUI in California June 2014, blew zero, but stilL arrested, they did not pursue the case but have a year
When filling out a job application do I still have charges pending? I know I am not convicted, but wasn't sure if "charges" are pending till the one year date. I was suspected of drug use due to dilated pupils and blood was drawn, but I know I had not used any drugs.
Charges would be pending if the prosecutor actually started the criminal court process by filing a criminal complaint...
Got a 2nd dui in Thousand oaks ca because my car matched the description the person called the police for.
My 1st dui was 2 years ago but bail was 10000. But can a lawyer use unlawful pull over because my car matched the description of a person calling in for suspected dui driver? And would anyone know why my bail was set a 10,000 ? Because still on informal probation?
In this age of cell phones, it is not unusual for citizens to report poor driving. I feel that a phone call such as in...