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I got pulled over for following to closely. I was arrested because I failed the field sobriety test,
because of having Multiple sclerosis. I just had a pipe in my car. I had a public defender that helped me as much as a goat could. The judge suspended my license for a year along with $1560 in fines. Can I hire a lawyer to help me with this?
You might think about hiring an attorney to appeal if an appeal is at all possible.
Can I appeal my case for lack of evidence & false statements in a case where I was pulled over & failed my field sobriety tests?
I failed my sobriety test because of M.S & he never even noted that on ticket. He charged me with marijuana & there was none.He charged me with dwi and I wasn't. Do you think I can get the case dismissed by appealing the charges?
In order to raise the issues you presented, you will need to seek the services of an attorney. There are specific ways...
What is the possible sentencing for a 2nd DUI charge? My first was in Indiana, and the second in Ohio.
I go to court in 2 weeks for OVI and DUS in Van Wert, Ohio. I'm an Indiana resident and was on probation for my first DUI in Indiana when I was arrested in OH. I pled guilty to the probation violation in IN and received 270 days of house arrest that I'm now serving. If I pay the maximum on the fine in OH could the prosecutor lower the jail time, probation, or classes? Is a $1600 fine and 60 days in jail and license suspension a reasonable sentence to request if probation and classes are dropped? My BAC was .10 and .104 respectively for my DUI offenses and was arrested Aug 2013 and convicted Nov 2013 for the first one. I would like to just do 30-60 days in jail, a license suspension, and pay a fine and be done with it. Is this possible to avoid probation and classes?
This is an odd question. Most people would rather do probation and classes than go to jail. In any event, on a...
Is a pbt proof in court for an underage consumption?
I was at a party that got busted and I took one pbt and the cop said that machine was broken (didn't show me what it read) then made me take another and i blew a .012 but I was never taken to the station to do the other bac test.
The PBT just generally confirms what the office is already observing and can testify to without the PBT. It aso helps...
Physical control still considered an OVI
I was charged with an OVI last Nov 2010 and it was suppose to be lowered to a Physical Control with a 1 year license suspension since I refused. Well the year has pased and I just recieved a letter from the BMV that states what I need to do to get my license back including: File of SR22, Remedial Driving Course, and Driver License Exam, as well as the $475 reinstatement fee. My question is that on the letter that I just recieved it says "First OVI". I was under the impression that it was lowered to physical control. Can anyone clear this up? Does a charge of physical control still mean an OVI to the BMV and is an OVI on my record or should it say on the letter physical control and no OVI on my record?
Physical Contol is a separate statute Ohio Revised Code Section 4511.194 The length of suspension is determined by...
So I got an OVI the other day and I didn't blow....now I don't know what to do.
Should I get an attorney ? Should I use the public defender ?
You should get an experienced aggressive OVI attorney. You are facing mandatory jail and up to three year license...
I got stopped on Friday for dui, I blew a .099, I have court in the morning and can't find a lawyer
I'm a good person, mom of 4 daughters who keep me in the car, 3 kids in 3 different schools 3 different times, soccer,dance,theater,ect,I have no record and they took me to station had me sign papers n had my fience pick me up no pic or finger print so I dnt know what to expect really just that they said I could get it lower to reckless op and get driving privileges...i have money for a lawyer can someone help me please
You should look for an attorney who practices in the geographic area where you were arrested. Avvo has a number of...