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A warrant was served on me. I asked to speak to an attorney and several officers attacked me and threw me on the concrete ground. I was denied my request for an attorney and kept in a small cell for several hours being laughed at by a woman officer. I was also denied food and/or drink and wasn't allowed to use the restroom for hours. I also was never read my Miranda rights. I retained an attorney, told him everything ~ Justice was not served. My life is ruined. I need help. This is only the "tip of the iceberg"
So far I am not hearing any facts to suggest a defense to DUI charges.
My record could be as follows, They all occured on separate occasions 1 Class A : forgery 2 Class B : DUIs 1 Class C : Simple assault. I say could be because i am going to see if Im eligible for a 502 reduction for the Class a , and the second DUI is still pending, would i be eligible for an expungment with the above possible record. And if i am ,how long would i have to wait to be eligible, would it be a standard 4 years for the class B (10 since its a dui) or would it go under the multiple catagory and i would have to wait longer. can i only apply for expungment only once or can i for each case after the waiting time expires, cause i want to get the forgery sealed asap,if i do, can i still get the DUIs expunged after their time period is up
Expungements are very complicated and each case is unique, so you really should just go ahead and retain an attorney...
He has no interperter so his hearing keeps getting rescheduled.. he's not legal
Post your question in the Immigration Law section of Avvo. Also, speak directly to an Immigration Law attorney on...
It been 2 years since my last arrest, this time they pulled me over they said because of failure to signal the cop asked me if i had been drinking i am over 21 so i told him a couple of glasses of wine with a friend not knowing i was alcohol restricted, they got me out of the car and performed field test i was unable to do these correctly so they arrested me and put me in the in back of the cruiser , and they searched my car, and found about 3.5 grams of weed, while i was in the back of the cruiser i saw i lady that was not a cop and i herd police say that she motivated the stop they did not give me a breathalyzer test but when arrived at the police station the drew blood. now i have already had my license suspended for two years. do have any grounds and how to get blood work
You need an attorney in your local area to help you with your specific issues. Even though you have tried to explain...
His hearing has been rescheduled because they didn't have a translater 2 times
You should hire an immigration attorney who knows criminal law in Utah. If he is charged and pleas to a felony it...
Can the date be changed, should I be present on the hearing, How does this affect my Florida license.
If you do not hire an attorney you are going to need to be present. However, if you retain an attorney the can file a "...
I am on probation in Utah for 12 months, for a mIssemeanor assault charge. Over 18, 3 months left of probation. Got a mip for alcohol, blew .002 was honest with police. What is the best way to handle this? What are possible and likely outcomes?
You should talk with an attorney so they can review what occurred in minor in possession case and determine what...