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  • Local Girl Scout Helps Prevent Animal Homelessness, ...

    Thursday Mar 26 | via Osprey Observer 

    Local Girl Scout, Linnea H. knew she wanted to help to prevent animal homelessness, but she never anticipated what was to happen over the next year. The Girl Scout Silver Award is the highest award a Cadette Girl Scout can earn requiring one to learn the leadership and planning skills necessary to follow through on a project that makes a positive impact on the community.


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Governors Pardon? In 2003 my Florida Drivers License was permanently revoke for a felony fourth DUI that occurred in Feb 2002.
In July of 2002 I lost my 22 year old daughter to an alcohol related accident that would change my life for ever. Up until that point in my life I had unsuccessfully tried to control my drinking for 30 years. I placed myself into rehab in Aug of 2002. Last month by the grace of God and the Fellowship of AA I had the honors of celebrating 11 years of sobriety!!! I have numerous people that are willing to write letters in my behalf to support the fact that i have been clean since rehab. My psychiatrist from rehab whom I am still I contact with told me that he would write a letter also. My question is does it make sense to file for a Governor Pardon in an attempt to have my driving privileges restored. I babysit my grand children and need to drive to get the to and from school, doctors...
Below is a link containing information on clemency in FL: https://fpc.state.fl.us/Clemency.htm Everything you...
Can I receive a hardship license after a 2nd DUI?
I received my first DUI in June 2008. I had my driving privileges fully restored in August of 2009. I received a 2nd DUI in Feb 2010. My license was suspended for a period of 5 years. I have less than 2 years to go on the suspension. Am I eligible for any type of license or hearing prior to Feb 2015?
Call the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, Bureau of Administrative Review. They can look at...
If I got a DUI last week, can I still apply and possibly work at a restraunt that serves alcohol?
For example: Beef O Bradys, Chilis, etc
There is nothing to stop you from applying. It is possible that the employer may ask you if you've ever been arrested,...
What exactly does "adjudication withheld" actually mean? My son has two of those. one as a juvenile and one for adult dui.
When I look on the county sheriff web site under his SS number, I find the adjudication withheld in both the juvenile and adult records. I always thought that as a juvenile, your records were sealed. The juvenile offense was a sham offense. He did not participate in the crime, but because, 12 hours later, he was in the proximity of the stolen merchandise, he was judged as guilty as the perpetrators of the crime and was given juvenile sanctions, adjudication withheld. The other offense, was a plea bargain. What do we have to do in this situation to get this stuff expunged from his record so he can get a job in the future?
Withhold of adjudication means the judge took the plea but declined to enter a conviction on the record. Theoretically,...
Can I get 6 months of time for my first DUI with no accident or prior records ?
The officer claimed that I did not stop , but there was no stop sign at the movie theater, that I exited. Would the stop sign issue be an illegal stop and will any evidence gathered after be thrown out, thus leading to a dismissal of my DUI case ?
There's a U.S. Supreme Court case, Kehoe, which places the burden in the State to establish that an actual traffic...
I was told that the records at the FL DHSMV BAR office cannot be found .
I have a hearing scheduled tomorrow to determine if my full driving privilege will be restored . Can can request dismissal or will i be adjudicated not guilty, since there is no evidence.
You can ask for a dismissal, but the records may be there when you go to the hearing. If driving is important to you...
Can a 8 year old DUI conviction (plead no contest), be appealed?
Hello, I am trying to get some information on an old DUI case I had back in 2007. I plead no contest to the DUI based off my lawyers recommendation. Unfortunately, 2 years ago I was arrested and accused of theft... luckily, that case was dropped and went to "nolle prosequi". Which is great, however the arrest is still on my record and shows up on internet pages. I filed to expunge the arrest of theft, but it was denied because of my DUI in 2007. I was told by my lawyer that I should look into an appeals lawyer, that could potentially research my case back in 2007 and potentially find something that would remove it from my record so I can pursue expungement of the theft arrest. She said that chances are the court will not want to fight it and just throw it out because it is so old.
There is no procedural mechanism to re-open an 8 year old DUI now. The time for direct appeal is over as well as any...