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  • PD: Man accused of video voyeurism at Target store i...

    Friday Nov 14 | via WESH-TV 

    A Silver Springs man is accused of taking photos of a 13-year-old boy in the bathroom of an Ocala Target store, according to police. Investigators said Thomas Durden, 50, took cellphone images of the victim while he was on the toilet inside the Target restroom on Southwest College Road on Oct. 24. The victim told police he saw a bright flash of light and an iPhone in the gaps between the stalls.


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  • Officer accused of paying teen for sex

    Friday Oct 31 | via WTLV 

    Police in Ocala arrested one of their own on Halloween after the officer was accused of paying a runaway teen for sex, authorities said Friday. Officer accused of paying teen for sex OCALA, Fla.


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  • Ocala Double Homicide Suspect Dies in Local Hospital

    Oct 22, 2014 | via WRUF-AM Gainesville 

    The suspect in a double homicide in Ocala, Ricardo De Jesus Barrera, died Tuesday night at a local hospital, according to the City of Ocala Police Department. Authorities believe Barrera shot and killed his ex-girlfriend and mother of his child, Bonnie Motto, and her mother, Julia Motto, on Monday, October 20. The bodies of the two victims were found at Springwood Village Apartments in Ocala.


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Ocala Law

I took a 6 panel drug test and the line barley came up for Benzo(Xanax) and my p.o said it's taking longer than it should of then said I see a faint line so pour out the urine and see ya next month now a week later he calls me and says I need u to come in to retest for that I don't do Xanax so don't know why that happened I told him all I took was some medicine for the cold I had he wanted me to come in today but I didn't have a ride I told him so he said just come on Monday to retest don't understand why he didn't lab it the first time maybe he gave me a second chance when I take the test again if I pass am I good. Also if it does it again can I have it sent to a lab, can they violate me right there or do they have to lab it first to be 100% before they violate me
You seem overly concerned about this. Don't take any drugs nor "medicine" over the weekend. Drink lots of water to...
I finish my probation and classes,paid my tickets,all fines and court cost. It's been six years since my revocation and the probation place didn't keep my records and the traffic school closed. The court staTed I needed to prove all of that,before I can get my license back.
After a five-year DUI revocation has expired for DUI, you must appear at the Florida Department of Highway safety and...
I recently got pulled over for driving on a suspended license but I am a habitual offender. I have court coming up and they listed it under a third degree felony. I have never had a felony charge before this.I have had 3 prior dwls what am I looking at when I go to court? Ive never been in trouble for anything else either. Is probation a maybe?
Here is my sincere advice (no matter who you hire): Hire a private attorney ASAP. It is possible that you could face...
Fiance was on probation(grand theft) and filed a petition for early termination for completing all req's. Two weeks later was arrested for DUI and VOP charge added. Probation officer is requesting 2yrs community control and inpatient treatment. Besides consulting an attorney is this offer for the VOP charges excessive or better outcome possible? Fiance had a .04 BAL and passed all other roadside tests conducted by the officers. Is there anyway to fight the DUI charge also?
You ignore the most important component of the answer which is to actually consult an attorney. There is no way to...
My probation is up in July. I will begin the treatment this week and my probation officer has put in a motion for community service to work my fines off. She said she will have to violate my probation if I am not in treatment by the end of this month(which I will be) however I will not have it completed by the end of my probation date. I have completed all the other requirements. I am 58 years old and have never been in any trouble in my life-not even a speeding ticket.
Don't worry, so long as you are enrolled and appear in court on your court date, your probation can be extended to...
my probation officer told me I don't need any document from court to prove it was paid. I never got any paperwork. I'm in Florida; does this sound right?? What should I do?
No, but it may be for Florida. I'd contact a local lawyer and see what they say is normal. Most offer free consultation...
My court date i did not go to was to select a jury. I believe a no bond. Bench warrent has been issued
Almost definitely yes. Hire an attorney ASAP and handle the issue instead of running away from it. Fleeing the state...