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DUI arrest with minor property damage, no injuries. BAC 3x limit but has notation of "attempted 6 times, interference".
21'yr old first offense of any kind. Student in FL with CT license. In process of interviewing attorneys... Question is what is needed for the DMV temp hardship license application? Will she need a copy of the "driving record" from CT DMV??? OR... from the local FL County Clerk? I also understand she will need to show proof that she has enrolled in a "DUI course" and that the application to DMV must be made within 10 days of the arrest?
Good questions. I am not licensed in Florida, but it appears from your question that you are attempting to represent...
Hello, I was arrested for DUI in Alachua county I blew under they took a urine sample it's been months and still no results
I was released without bond to pretrail services the other day they asked me to come in to bring the paper showing I had been going to my classes and then they asked me to pee in a cup, that was yesterday today they called me and told me I needed to be there tomorrow morning I'm guessing I failed, I was at a friends the night before and had a few beers but did not drive, never in trouble before I'm 21 what will they do. thanks
It is not uncommon for lab results to take months. That said, if you were arrested then the "speedy trial clock" is...
I need a extension to get my license.
I was pulled over in July 2014 at that time I was told my DL were suspended due to failed to pay court fines. As of December 2014 I have paid more than half however the judge said no more extension since he granted a extension that day and I need to have my DL by the time I come back in front of him January 20. Well here's a huge problem I have I was hospitalized for 3 weeks in December, from December 2-24 due to a blood clot in my lungs. Then on January 3,2015 I was hospitalized again due to another blood clot which occurred in my legs. I am now scheduled to have emergency surgery for IVF to keep another clot from going to my lungs. What should I do I have not worked since December 1st I still have my job but unable to work until after I have the IVF before doctor will release me back
Sometimes an attorney can convey to the Court (and the State) what a regular defendant simply cannot. Proof if medical...
Fighting a second refusal to submit for dui testing in florida but already won the dui case. Why wasn't this charge dropped?
Won the dui charge in jury trial. This is his second refusal to blow charge. Is it hard to beat this charge in a jury trial even If he beat the dui? They are offering 90 day in jail.
The facts to be proved by the State for a second refusal charge are very narrow - and not tough to prove. The refusal...
About a drug test that took awhile to come up negetive
I took a 6 panel drug test and the line barley came up for Benzo(Xanax) and my p.o said it's taking longer than it should of then said I see a faint line so pour out the urine and see ya next month now a week later he calls me and says I need u to come in to retest for that I don't do Xanax so don't know why that happened I told him all I took was some medicine for the cold I had he wanted me to come in today but I didn't have a ride I told him so he said just come on Monday to retest don't understand why he didn't lab it the first time maybe he gave me a second chance when I take the test again if I pass am I good. Also if it does it again can I have it sent to a lab, can they violate me right there or do they have to lab it first to be 100% before they violate me
You seem overly concerned about this. Don't take any drugs nor "medicine" over the weekend. Drink lots of water to...
What must I do to get my license reinstated in Florida after five year revocation for Dui?
I finish my probation and classes,paid my tickets,all fines and court cost. It's been six years since my revocation and the probation place didn't keep my records and the traffic school closed. The court staTed I needed to prove all of that,before I can get my license back.
After a five-year DUI revocation has expired for DUI, you must appear at the Florida Department of Highway safety and...
Am I facing serious jail or prison time?
I recently got pulled over for driving on a suspended license but I am a habitual offender. I have court coming up and they listed it under a third degree felony. I have never had a felony charge before this.I have had 3 prior dwls what am I looking at when I go to court? Ive never been in trouble for anything else either. Is probation a maybe?
Here is my sincere advice (no matter who you hire): Hire a private attorney ASAP. It is possible that you could face...