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DUI in 2012 in Missouri, received 2yr probation. Missouri violated me for minor traffic infraction. Paid fine. Yesterday, Missouri sends me a notice of 30 day driver's license suspension - 3 years after offense. Is Virginia going to suspend my license for a year?! For out-of-state DUIs you have the right to petition the court. I'm pretty sure I would be eligible for restricted but looking for guidance. Also I have completed intensive outpatient treatment and been sober for years now.
All states are supposed to honor each other's suspensions, so Virginia is supposed to suspend you. You may ask for a...
I was giving 36 months restricted eitj interlock I did it and may 2013 I got it all done. Now I still live in Virgina. I am engineer and I would like to move out of this state. I did what they say and now I'm still fighting job opportunities here. Can I move away from this state and function better. Are there any other states that fit me right. Virginia is alcohol state it owns alcohol and its unforgiving to those who play by the rule. You can say what you want to say but I always say if someone paid the price they deserve fresh start. My driver records is good now. The justice system is so wacky . Why do people that do their time can just be left alone. I bet people are so selfishe they will let 50% the population not to be able to get a job and move on instead they want them suffer?
I wish you the best of luck but you are not going to get the guidance you want here. This is not the general Assembly.
Last year I was charged with DWI in Fairfax. The case was weak and was quickly NP'd with no motions or trial. Ever since then, though, I seem to be getting pulled over A LOT for infractions that I can only describe as BS (failure to signal 100 feet before changing lanes... etc.). In 16 years of pre-DWI driving I had been stopped maybe 3 times, each time being for something legitimate. I'vE had 5 traffic stops in the last 3 months--with none resulting in a ticket. What's going on here? When police run license plates do they see charges, convictions, or both? Will expunging the arrest help this? Moving out of state? Putting vehicle in someone else's name?
Dear Fairfax - It is quite possible that you are now the subject of "heightened scrutiny." However, none of the steps...
I was given two misdemeanor 1s for reckless driving and hit and run even though there are extenuating circumstances. My lawyer said at the first hearing that prosecuting attorney wanted jail time which scared the crap out of me. I can prove that I was undergoing a bad withdrawal from my Tramadol prescribed by VA as well as the car I hit had first tried to run me off the road. I have no criminal background or driving offenses. Can I really go to jail?
Yes. You can really go to jail. Your lawyer already told you that fact.
hi i was charged with a dui last month and now im trying to file the form i 485 and there is two questions that i dont dont know the answers: have you ever, in or outside the usa 1- knowingly committed a crime of moral turpitude or a drug-related offense for which you have not been arrested? yes or no 2- been arrested, cited, charged, indicted, convicted, fined, or imprisoned for breaking or violating any law or ordinance, excluding traffic violations? yes or no
Dear Alexandria- the first question asks you to admit something. The second question asks to say whether you were ever...
I failed an interlock test once during my 6 month restricted license and interlock period. I did not retest until that evening because I had to get to work with a neighbor. I realize I should have retested and would have probably passed very quickly. I have a camera installed too. I have no other violations and in 2 weeks was set to regain my full license. I notified my PO right away and even took a day off work to speak with him personally before the Interlock service was downloaded. I thought because I was at the end of my probation period my probation and if I was honest, my counselor would give me a break but he went really hard on me and I shouldn't have admitted to drinking the night before for my Birthday. I have not drank any alcohol this year except on my Birthday. Any Advice?
Talk to the lawyer you had on the conviction. You could get all your suspended time and will almost certainly not get...
My boyfriend is on probation for assault and just got charged with a DUI. How much trouble is he in now??
It depends on the conditions of his probation. He should consult an attorney for representation on the DUI and he...