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  • Police: Oakton Physician Accused in Sex Assault

    Tuesday Dec 9 | via Patch.com 

    An Oakton physician is being accused of sexually assaulting a patient at a Manassas medical clinic, according to a report by WUSA-9. Physician Tony Chieuvan Bui Nguyen, 35, was arrested for sexual battery for an incident that allegedly took place in November at the clinic.


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Was arrested for suspicion of DUI. At the station I agreed to take the Breathalyzer and complied with the officers instructions. I took the test four times, each time with the result of a deficient sample. The officer admitted that I was being extremely cooperative, complying with his instructions and he did not know why I keep getting a deficient sample. He also annotated the police report to show that I took the test four times.
If he thought you were being cooperative and providing the sample as required how come he charged you with refusal?...
My driver's license was revoked for 1 year due to a DUI conviction. I forgot to surrender my plates. I deactivated them after I realized this (about five months later). During this time, I allowed my insurance coverage to expire as well as my tags. There was some insurance coverage lapse between the time my insurance coverage expired and when my tags expired. I've only got one month left until I get my license back and I haven't heard anything from the DMV about it. Will any of this come back to bite me when I attempt to reinstate my license? If so, how?
License? Probably not. If you applied for a restricted license but never picked it up, you may silk have to have an...
First Dui offense last court date was in February now it's October didn't have the money to pay for classes till now
The length of time to complete follow through is usually spelled out in the criminal judgment. If it isn't, you should...
Hi I'm from sweden and I lived in USA for 7 months on a J-1 visa. While I was there something terrible happended to me that made me drive while I was drunk. After this I just wanted to go home, and the attorney told me I could, the only problem was that it would be hard for me to get into USA again. So I never showed up at the court date since he said it was okay. I didn't get any problem in Sweden and I still have my driving licence and I have been traviling to italy once. Now I am going to Australia because of work and I am wondering if this is gonna show up in Australia when they scan my passport or something? I am really worried.. Thank you.
That's pretty unlikely since Australia is a sovereign country and I wouldn't suspect a red notice being issued for a...
Can I just get the M2 addendum on my license via the class and knowledge test (I live in Virginia) and ride a motorcycle, even if the license is restricted because of a D.U.I., if I've had my interlock for the required amount of time and gotten it taken off my car already?
The period for the ignition interlock and the period of suspension of your license are two different things. I...
charged with marijuana position less than half a gram ,and DUI BAC 0.09 , possession was dismissed and DUI amended to reckless driving . which program should i expect at VASAP and which testing should i expect ? i smoked twice in my life and drink occasionally , Clean previous criminal record
Breath. Words words words words words words to reach the minimum limit.
I got a DUI charge in April 2013 and a Driving on a suspended charge on January 2014. My initial charge was in Fairfax county and ASAP was on Loudoun county. Loudoun ASAP closed my case and it was completed. I got my license back from Virginia and moved to a different state. Now my PO from Fairfax is bringing me to the court for Probation Violation. There was no alcohol charge on the second violation and my record is clean other than the DUI. Any advice on this?
Get a lawyer. It does not matter that the new charge was not alcohol related. Even though your ASAP requirement was...