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I am not sure how I am going to be able to get to and from work. Am I expected to stop working while my license is suspended or is their a way to get a conditional license during that time. I did receive a driving while impaired in ny in 2009 also. Any recomendations?
Did NJ find out the last time you got a DWAI? NJ is supposed to find out, but probably only actually finds out in 50%...
what will happen if I flee the state and return back in a month?
You have to pardon me but this is an insane question to ask. People on this site are officers of the court and you are...
administered the BAC. I was transported to a different police station because the "Alcotest" at the first location was not working. Thanks a MILLION!
I was in an accident(only I was hurt)and drunk, but the cops believed I was just exhausted.The hospital ran tests and I was almost double the legal limit, but the cops don't know this. My ex is threatening to tell the cops the results of my blood work . She said i'm going to kill myself or somebody else. She's mad I got away with it again. If she reports me, do the cops have to look into it? Can the cops charge me after they promised they won't? She said she's going to contact the chief of police.
You have asked this question several times and I and several other attorneys have told you that the police can still...
I know someone who is bragging about being let go in DWI situations.
This is a ridiculous question. The simple answer is NO. If a police officer did that they would be disciplined....
Was drunk driving and in an accident last night. I banged my head n my friend in the car wasn't hurt. No one else was involved. My BAC level was .140. I left the ER n wasn't charged. Are the cops letting me slide?
It's not possible to say from that limited information. Were you evaluated by police at the scene? How was your BAC...
I have to attend the 48 hour IDRC program in NJ and live out of state. I read that I can complete a like program where I currently live, but how will it be decided? My state offers a 14 day mandatory treatment for 2nd time dui offenders would I have to comply with my states rules or somehow do a 48 program here?
The penalty adheres to the state you were convicted in. 48 hours of IDRC should satisfy that requirement, at least as...