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I got a 3rd dwi. Im serving my 3rd year of 10 years lost of license. My question is is there any way of getting it back earlier.
Did 3 years of my 10 years sentence is there any way to get my license back earlier than 10 years. Way of going to court? 10 years is a lot cant really get a job or anything. I really screwed up and now im suffering bad
I do not know of any way. There are not too many agencies sympathetic to your situation with MADD out there.
Second dui in nj
I was just recently pulled over and arrested for my second DUI in 2 years. I am 25 years old, male. The state trooper who has pulled me over claims that I was driving carelessly which prompted the stop. He claims to smel alcohol and performed the firs sobriety test. This was performed on an incline, not a flat surface, at one point the officer almost stumbles, due to the fact we were on an incline. I was then arrested, brought in, waited for the breathlyzer. I have attempted 10 times to blow out - being asthmatic - it is hard to blow out for long period of times - 9 attempts did not catch anything, the 10th attempt the results came back as mouth alcohol, but nothing was recorded, 2.5L 5.8s but no results. Then a refusal is given
You have not asked a question. But it is clear that you desperately need a criminal defense attorney. You have...
Can I take the IDRC program in a different state? Anywhere in NJ?
I already paid all my fines. I need my license for a job at the airport.
You can (and should) take IDRC in the county you live in. If you want to travel outside the county, you can probably...
My last dwi was 14 years ago and it was my 3rd offense,now i just got caught at .08 will it be my first offense again?
my last dwi was over 14 years ago and it was for my 3rd offense i did 6 months and haven't driven since,i just got caught coming home from retirement party and drove the car cause friend was drunk,i got pulled over and was arrested and brought to police station where i blew a .08 what will happen?will it be my first offense again since my last one was well over 10 years?
It is your 4th and you are looking at another 180 days and another 10 years at least. Fight this hard. In clifton it is...
Mandated Ignition Interlock Device but I dont own a car!
How can I get my driving privileges in NJ restored if the court ordered me to get an ignition interlock device but I don't own a car to put it on? I used to live in Clifton which is where I got the DUI but I now live in New York and have a NY DL (have for a year). I paid my restoration fee and thought my license was restored but I got pulled over last night in a friends car for speeding and they said it wasn't restored and gave me a ticket for driving on a suspended license and careless driving- what kind of fees/charges am I looking at for this? PLEASE HELP
More information is needed. You should hire an attorney to sort out the situation in Clifton court.
I just got sentenced for DUI.It's my first offense.Right now I'm in process of renewing my Green Card.Do i will have any problem
Month of September I'm going to apply for citizenship also.Do i will have any problem ?
Technically, no. Practically, it is quite possible. You should speak with an immigration lawyer before filing anything...
I received a DUI (not convicted yet) but most likely will since I blew a .11. I am a Flight Attendant for a major airline &
they require you to have a TRP (Temporary Resident Permit) to fly in & out of Canada. It is IMPOSSIBLE to reach the proper website to apply for this permit. The cost for application is $200 (non-refundable) and I have found websites wanting to charge $2,000 for the application. The Canadian website is not very useful. Pls Help...my job is on the line!! Thank you.
The legal limit in NJ is .10, as I am sure you know. There are defenses to challenge the results, but you need an...