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I still had my license but I had another case .However when I got out I was driving for seven yrs. before I got pulled over and_ that's when I found out I had a D U I
Is your license currently revoked for a dui?
therefore, can I file for a motion for this case to be evacuated
You might want to state some more facts so that we (lawyers) have some sort of clue as to what you are asking.
there was no breathalyzer test in 2003 stop beat up arrested police chase crash.ect
What is your question? You have nor furnished enough facts or asked a question.
police chase crash stop beat up and arrested
It's hard to decide what the question is. Do you mean can they use a breathalyzer from a 2003 DUI that hasn't been to...
My daughter blew in my machine when she toke cough medicine a month ago and she wrote a letter and I was told no one is able to drive my car.........now today I blew in it and it locked me out then 5mns letter blew again and it started......Now I have to go get it reset.......What is gonna happen? I worked so hard on this.....Are they gonna take it from me?
The Secretary of State may send you a Notice allowing you to explain that episode, yet, as you stated certain compounds...
during my dui i incurred a stay at a hosptial which i am now in debt to. if this hospital sues me for bills will that violate my probation? and if i file for chapter 7 will these medical bills stemming from my hospitalization be excluded or included?
Being named in a civil suit will not constitue a violation of your probation. Re-post your other question in the...
i asked a question 2 days ago about public intoxication but i wasnt specific enough. a month ago i was arrested for DUI, with my first court date in a month. 2 days ago i was walking home after aparty and fell and bumped my head. somoene called the poplice who called the ambulance who took me to a hospital. the police did not give me a ticket or arrest me. will they do so later ? my record from the DUI is on publiv record, will they mail me a ticket? will this incident be used against me at my first appearance in court byt he prosecutor?
If you are over 21, there is no law against being intoxicated in public, provided you cause no harm to anyone else or...