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I absolutly cant go down on this thing. Who really is the best of the best. Thanks.
Impossible to answer that question on a site like this, but you're starting in the right place. Call around and set up...
I was involved in motorcycle accident involving a deer. I was knocked out and taken to the hospital. The officer had taken blood for alcohol. The test came back at .062. I was given a citation for failure to have my bike under control. Can i still receive a citation for under the influence ? And normally if you hit a deer,I have never heard of getting a citation for hitting a deer???
You need to consult with an attorney. Charges for driving under the influence are serious.
The deletion is for 10-15 minutes and includes me asking them repeatedly for a blood test instead of the preliminary breathe test. They refused to allow me the blood test and I finally did the blow test. They hid the deletion very well and only because I was almost sober that I remember the whole stop. Who should I contact . Department of Justice, District Attorney, or other option. Any help would be appreciated.
I am not a WI lawyer so I cannot comment on matters of WI law or procedure. However, had you asked this question in...
I had a WI license. I received supervision for DUI in Illinois (meaning my insurance company cannot see it). However, WI just suspended me for this Illinois DUI (since they don't have supervision). Question is....even though IL won't report the supervision....it is possible my insurance company will still find out from Wisconsin?
Illinois reports DUI supervision to the licensing state. That's why WI suspended you.
This would be my 2nd DUI. My last DUI was 10 years ago. I did not take a breathalyzer, only offered a blood test. I was then released 5 hours later but was never told if I passed or failed? The officer claimed when I was pulled over that I did not stop at a stop sign completely. He then made me walk a line and was suspicious I was over the limit and took me in. That's all I know. They told me my court case would be in a month but I don't have any other details? How quickly would they have gotten my results from the blood test that night? Given that I already have a DUI from 10 years ago, if it turns out I was under .08% what would happen then???
You can still be charged with DUI. You have a more defensible case under 08 but will need a lawyer
I recently purchased a vehicle and needed a cosigner. My cosigner has a dui and we just got a letter from the dmv saying I now need an IID in my vehicle in less than 2 weeks or his license gets revoked. How is this possible? He doesn't drive it and he has his own vehicle with an IID in it. He cosigned for the money part because my credit was ruined when I turned 18 someone stole it! the car is mine and only I drive it and am insured on it. What do we do? How do we get this appealed?
Only 2 ways around this: 1) Either pay off the car and transfer title to you alone or 2) Cosigner must go back to the...
I was convicted in 2006 for a 1st offense in New Jersey.
It depends on what the resolution is, if it does not go on your record then it may not, if it goes on your record then...