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How can I get my driving privileges in NJ restored if the court ordered me to get an ignition interlock device but I don't own a car to put it on? I used to live in Clifton NJ which is where I got the DUI but I now live in New York and have a NY DL (have for a year). I paid my restoration fee in NJ and thought my license was restored but I got pulled over last night in NJ while driving a friends car for speeding and they said it wasn't restored and gave me a ticket for driving on a suspended license and careless driving- what kind of fees/charges am I looking at for this? PLEASE HELP
You should speak with an attorney admitted in NJ and practices vehicle and traffic law.
After being arrested I wanted to take a breath test but the officer said I had no choice and had to take a blood test. Can the evidence be suppressed?
The short answer is "it depends." In certain cases, the police are entitled to obtain a blood test from the suspect,...
Hello All, I am seeking advice on how to proceed with my case. The judge has warned me that the same DA prosecuting me, is prosecuting my lawyer. The judge gave me a little less than 3 weeks to seek advice/ find new counsel/ decide to retain my current counsel. What is my best option here? I have already put out a lot of money to take this matter to trial. I really cannot afford a new attorney unless I absolutely have to. I am confident in my lawyers abilities and the fact that I am truly innocent. However I am worried that using my present attorney/ his partner (who was not involved in the case against my lawyer, but has close familial ties) can have a conflict of interest/ will look bad upon me. Please advise me how I should proceed in this matter. Thank you.
The fact that your attorney is facing charges does not disqualify him from being a practicing attorney, not will his...
I was arrested for DWI in 2004. The case was disposed of in 2006, and I plead to DWAI? I'm applying for a position in a state which does a seven year criminal conviction check based on the salary I am making. However, they are a government agency that could go back father if they want. I know that this shouldn't show up either way, but will a DWAI show up as a criminal conviction record check?
Very possible. depending on the thoroughness of the search.
Can someone tell me the implication of a Willard sentence on defendant convicted of felony DWI in NYC with an alcohol abuse problem? When can this type of sentence be legally rendered? When can a Willard sentence be used? Has any attorney actually represented a client that was sentenced to a Willard commitment? What is your experience with this type of sentencing.
A Willard Sentence refers to the Drug Treatment Campus which is operated by the NYS Department of Correctional Services...
Ive got dwai last weekblew .1 and the officer said the limit is .08 went to court and got charged as dwai with 90 diving suspended and ddp and fine. Ive paid my fine but I will be overseas on my complience court date and cant complete my ddp on time since I wont be in the states. Is there a way to do the ddp online ? or extend my court date to later date? when i went to newyork dmv they told me that cali dmv needs to send my driving record file over which will take even longer so i cant do ddp before i go overseas. I live in ny right now but got my liscense in cali. This is my first offence. Other than that I havent got in any trouble with the law except 1 speeding ticket 4 years ago.
This is why you have an attorney. Notify him of the issues. Provide him a copy of your travel itinerary and...
Four years ago, I was arrested for driving under the influence but plead guilty to reckless driving. I completed all probation requirements and continue to attend meetings. Completed my undergrad with high GPA. However, last week was ticketed for public urination. I have already been accepted to some prestigious law schools. If I stay out of trouble, what are my chances for being accepted by the bar? Should I skip law school all together?
Yes, those are not automatic exclusions. You may want to talk with the bar association to see what they tell you. I...