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Dwi probation
what can i expect from a dwi probation? how long is the treatment for usually? this is my second dwi. but this one is a felony dwi theyre trying to charge me with. its been withing 5 years. what kind of treatment would i have to do and how long are the classes? and how many times a week usually?
The amount of treatment will depend on the program and on what your PO thinks of your circumstances. You absolutely...
DUI charge.
I have all the forms they give you on release, but they miss dated one area and didnt sign another. This make a difference to my case.
I am not really sure if this would be that easy to answer without a criminal defense lawyer actually looking at...
NY Dwi conviction (2nd offense) for someone who now resides in FL. Ignition Interlock Question.
I was convicted of an aggravated dwi in Jan2015 in NY (Suffolk county) and was required to install an ignition interlock device. My incident was in NY in 2012 (i lived there at the time). I reside in FL for the past year. I just received a letter from a NY Probation dept (i am not on probation) that i have to contact him to discuss my interlock situation. I surrendered my NYS license. I dont own a vehicle in NYS. I cosigned on a vehicle in FL that is registered to me. I cannot afford an IID. If i surrendred my NYS license, technically i cannot drive. even if i have a car in FL how would it be handled? i have no clue what to expect or how the laws are different.
More information is needed. Since you say it was your 2nd offense, you may have been convicted of a Felony DWI in...
If I hire lawyer can I fight dmv . I got my 2nd dwi two years ago.
I have two dwi. DMV sent me letter that for me to get my license back I must go to rehab at least for 4 months or more. Due to my work I cannot attend rehab twice a week. I work 6 days a week and I stop drinking past two years. Can we fight it to change to a fine or anything else.
Yes we can go to the court and try to get sentencing changed.
Some random college drunk kids from the floor above us puked on my balcony.
I live in an apartment complex and the drunk college boys, that live one floor above me, puked all over my balcony. What can i do about this.
Dear New York Tenant: If the mess is a daily event notify the superintendent and building manager. If this is a...
Can I fight the dmv if I hire lawyer
Can we fight Dmv if I hire lawyer. To change From rehab to maybe fine or anything but rehab.Dmv told me complete four months of rehab before I can get my license back. I had my second dwi two years ago. I'm clear from the court. The DMV told me complete. I work 6 days. It's very difficult for me to attend rehab twice a week for 4 months.
Good question. I am not licensed to practice law in New York. I recommend you speak to an experienced DUI lawyer...
How do I get a license
I was pulled over and got a first offense dui when I was 22. I paid all fines and did my classes. Since I was over .15 I was supposed to get an interlock device. When I lost my license I moved to Manhattan and have not owned a car since. It has been 5 years, and I have a job opportunity that includes travel where I may need to rent a car. Is there a way to get a license without the interlock, as I do not have a car?
Likely not but call DMV to be certain what you need to do to reinstate your license.