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I have been sentenced to 36 months of an IID and 3 years probation for multiple DWI's in NY.
If the probation is terminated early will the IID requirements also be terminated, or are the 2 punishments separate? Also, does the IID time required count during the time the license is revoked or begin after the revocation?
The two are separate conditions is your discharge. Violating either could lead to a harsher punishment by the judge.
How much time do you get in prison for Drunk Driving?
I haven't drunk driven, obviously but was curious to know how much time would you be sentenced to in prison for drunk driving on a 500ml bottle of vodka.
The sentence on a DWI depends on the plea that is entered and if the person has any prior DWI convictions. For a...
How does E felony probation work For a dui?
i took a plea for a E felony dui, the judge said no treatment is needed, and I have 5 years probation. i have all the letters from doctors and the treatment court stating i dont have a drinking problem. now from what i understand is i cant drive until i take the DDP classes and have a breathalyzer in my car which is definitely good. I am happy the judge decided to give me my license back for work purposes. but when does the probation start? after im sentenced or once i go into the interview? and how often would they come to my house? i dont have alcohol in my house. this is my second dui in 9 years. and what should i expect from the probation officers? i work 6 days a week full time.
You should direct all of your questions to your attorney, because they know the specific circumstances of your proposed...
Dwi probation
what can i expect from a dwi probation? how long is the treatment for usually? this is my second dwi. but this one is a felony dwi theyre trying to charge me with. its been withing 5 years. what kind of treatment would i have to do and how long are the classes? and how many times a week usually?
The amount of treatment will depend on the program and on what your PO thinks of your circumstances. You absolutely...
My driving privileges in NY are revoked but my license is in NJ, what does this mean?
I plead guilty to DWAI yesterday and my driving privileges are currently revoked in NY right now, will my NJ license be suspended now also? And will I be getting fees/surcharges from NJ also? In addition, I just moved to Westchester County, will I be able to switch my license to NY from NJ?
If your NY driving privileges are revoked, NJ can reciprocate and revoke your NJ license as well. You should repost...
I was arrested for drinking at driving. I took a breathaliser test and it counted 0.05
I pleaded not guilty because i drank beer in the afternoon but the time i was driving, it was almost midnight. I was totally sober and shocked that i still failed the test. It was on june 2014 and i am still going to the court. I have spent a lot of money for lawyers fees. I have a court date for bench trial in a couple of weeks. What are the chances for the case to be dismissed?
You should ask that question to your attorney, since they know the case best. It is certainly possible that you can...
DUI charge.
I have all the forms they give you on release, but they miss dated one area and didnt sign another. This make a difference to my case.
I am not really sure if this would be that easy to answer without a criminal defense lawyer actually looking at...