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My brother is sentenced a 1 to 4 and have done 14 months and got hit for 24 at the parole
Your question is unclear but I think you are asking when is he expected to get out. If he went to parole and they said...
I was pulled over Saturday morning on the Gsp. The state trooper came up behind me with his cruiser with his brights on and very close to my car so I immediately moved over to the right lane. I was pulled over and arrested. Have me to field test and brougt me to the barracks. After about a half hour or so gave me the breath test. First time it didnt register, then blew two more times. Never told me what I blew til I came the following day to get a release form for my car. I blew a .18. I live in ny and have a cdl.
It sounds like a case with many issues. Your cdl license complicates the matter and a .18 is a fairly high blow....
I have a cdl, work in jersey and live in ny. It's my first offense. I was driving my personal vehicle. What will the penalties most likely be for me?
Repost your question on the New Jersey Avvo page.
My 29 year old son is doing what he must do for his DWAI conviction: victims impact panel, attending NY Drunk Driving Program. He works in NJ and there is little to none in the way of public transportation from Rockland County NY to Bergen County NJ. Is there any way he can legally drive to and from work?
I suggest that he consult with a locally experienced DUI attorney. Doing so will give him the best chance. There are...
My son, age 29, was stopped by a state trooper, in an unmarked car, last night/early morning.I believe he was in Sparkill, NY; a few miles from where we live. He was issued a DUI and was cooperative with law enforcement. This is his first offense. Trooper told him it would be tried as a misdemeanor, because he was a respectful gentleman. Not sure what that has to do with anything. His BA level was .10. I would think he needs an attorney? He is working and has a good job but unfortunately, no money saved. I am not in a position to give him a retainer. Do Public Defender's work on a sliding scale? Does the court impose any fines for such an offense? His car was not impounded, so there are no impound fees. I want him to have to do more than pay a fine. I am all for community service.
Public defenders known as legal aid or 18 B represent clients and are laid by the state. Most guilty pleas require a...
Assume you were pulled over in NYS, under the suspicion of DWI/DWAI. If you were to refuse a Breathalyzer and/or a Field Sobriety Test, what exactly are the implications? I am currently aware that there is a mandated 1-year suspension with revocation for any individual under 21 that refuses to comply with the test (along with fines); but my question is more of on the individual's "record" If an employer were to do a license-check, would they be presented with a copy that states the individual in question was convicted of a DWI, despite the fact they were never breath/blood tested? Which brings another question: Assuming you deny the breath test again, what follow up action will Law Enforcement take? Can they take you straight into custody and attempt to get another sample?
I'm not sure how its done in NY, but in many counties in CA, you'd be held down by four big hairy cops and a nurse...
Will the both effect my driving record forever. As well as Rap sheet.
The 1st should not affect at all if it was dismissed and sealed. The 2nd may depending on the end result!