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My brother is sentenced a 1 to 4 and have done 14 months and got hit for 24 at the parole
Your question is unclear but I think you are asking when is he expected to get out. If he went to parole and they said...
My son, age 29, was stopped by a state trooper, in an unmarked car, last night/early morning.I believe he was in Sparkill, NY; a few miles from where we live. He was issued a DUI and was cooperative with law enforcement. This is his first offense. Trooper told him it would be tried as a misdemeanor, because he was a respectful gentleman. Not sure what that has to do with anything. His BA level was .10. I would think he needs an attorney? He is working and has a good job but unfortunately, no money saved. I am not in a position to give him a retainer. Do Public Defender's work on a sliding scale? Does the court impose any fines for such an offense? His car was not impounded, so there are no impound fees. I want him to have to do more than pay a fine. I am all for community service.
Public defenders known as legal aid or 18 B represent clients and are laid by the state. Most guilty pleas require a...
No one was hurt and no other cars were involved . His car is just totaled . Can he sue me ?
Yes. Don't post more facts. Were you ticketed, as well?
Will the both effect my driving record forever. As well as Rap sheet.
The 1st should not affect at all if it was dismissed and sealed. The 2nd may depending on the end result!
How Long Does a DWI stay on my Driver License as well as abstract.
It does not seal and stays on a RAP sheet forever so I would assume the same for a DMV abstract.
If he gets another DWI or DUI in the next 10 years, will it be a felony or will it be taken as if he was never charged due to YOA? We are in NY State.
No. A felony DWI requires a prior DWI conviction. A YO is not a conviction so it cannot be a predicate for a felony.
SS came home drunk at approx. 1:30 am and took the SUV and drove it around the corner and wound up wrecking 3 of our neighbors cars and property of another neighbor. He was arrested and got charged with Aggravated DWI, leaving/scene property damage, operating after consuming alch under 21 & driving while intoxicated. We've been to court and he can drive to school and work (after the car gets fixed) and he is going for some kind of therapy at a local hospital. We have to go back to court in a month. Being that he was under 19, he falls under the Youth Offernder Adjudication law. He just turned 19 If someone sues us can my husband and I lose our home? Under what circumstances could we lose our home, if any, if he continues to drink and get into trouble?
Your stepson should most definetly have an attorney to defend him on the criminal charges. Having said that, your...