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  • Rocks Thrown at Window, Car; Unwanted Solicitors; On...

    Jun 25, 2014 | via 

    Wednesday, June 25 At 4:51 a.m., police responded to a call about a suspicious vehicle on Route 1 At 4:54 a.m., a burglar alarm went off on Commercial Street At 5:09 p.m., police responded to vandalism, the victim reporting damage to a lawn and mailbox, Bay Road At 6:36 p.m., police responded to solicitors going door-to-door on Azalea Road At 8:19 ... (more)


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My sister was crossing the street last year year with two of her friends when two of them were hit by a girl coming home from a bar (she told police). She was severely injured, spent the last 15 months in the hospital/rehab and actually passed away earlier this week. The police never gave a breathalyzer, field sobriety test, nothing. She told them she was at a bar. Isn't there some law that would mandate a blood test if there is such traumatic injury? So many people drive under the influence of drugs and alcohol, I don't know why the cops didn't do any testing whatsoever.
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wis there a certain time limit that i will be able to get it or will i never be able to?
Unfortunately, there is no easy answer to this question. Although a CWOF typically does not count as a conviction,...
Want to know if my DUI is always available to a CORI check. It seems I cannot get a job because of it. Do I have any recourse?
If you received a CWOF on this charge, and if the charges have already been dismissed, then the CORI check of the...
I have never missed a screen in 10 months but need to go to company training program for 2 days. I desperately need this training or I could lose job? I have no criminal record.
I already answered this question yesterday. Call your P.O.
I am a MA resident who was stopped for a DUI while on vacation in FLA. I refused a breathalizer in FLA and they have suspended by license in both FLA and now in MA. MA won't allow me a hardship license until I clear the DMV suspension in FLA which is a year. Civil case is still pending. Under FLA rules, I'm eligible for a Hardship License in FLA (after 90 days) but I'm not a FLA resident so they won't issue me one. Should I just establish residency in FLA, get a a FLA License, and have FLA issue me a Hardship License?? And just wait out the year until they clear the hold and then get a new license in MA? Is there any other way to get a Hardship License from MA?
States are bound by the Constitution to give full faith and credit to the laws of all other states. So, Massachusetts...
The real problem I am dealing with is that prior to this DUI I made plans to move out of state. I have everything in motion to do so. If I plead guilty will I be forced to stay in Ma.. Both offenses happened in Ma. I am petrified and don't know what to do? If I don't tell court I am moving and do after sentence what am I looking at?
You need to call a lawyer ASAP most lawyers have free consultations and just because you are charged does not mean you'...
I currently am serving a 2 year probation for OUI/Serious BI. I have served 13 months of the 2 year probation, have completed all aspects (24-D classes, payments), have maintained employment throughout my probation, and am in very good standing with PO. No priors of any kind. I am going before the judge to ask for early termination of probation, so that I may take another job in Texas. To secure the job, I need to not be on probation in order to be considered. My PO will support my request in front of the judge, and he sees no reason to continue probation. I have been issued a hardship license by MA DMV for my job (traveling salesman). Should I be granted early termination, can I go get an unrestricted license?
Unfortunately, the RMV is not controlled by the same action as the probation. Your hardship license is a privilege...