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I am a resident of CT and have a CT driver's licence . Got a DUI in the state of Louisiana ( first offense ever , BAC of .12 ) in 2013. Refused breathalyzer test but later accepted giving Blood sample for chemical test. Pleaded no contest => paid court fees + completed community service hours + took required classes => got "motion of termination of probation " from LA court and a letter from NOLA DMV that my license ( driving privilege in LA ) has been reinstated. My attorney in NOLA is working on expungement of the record and expects to obtain such court decision by end of Sep 2014 ( note this is expected to seal the dui records). CT DMV has learnt about the DUI from NOLA DMV through ( Interstate Driver's License Compact).
Were you court-ordered to install the IID? Has Connecticut rescinded your driving privilege or suspended your license?...
In a car accident on an Interstate highway, about 9:30 PM with clear conditions. Dozed off and hit guardrail. Didn’t hit any other car and nobody was in my car. EMS came and said to sit tight. Drinking was involved. State Police gave ticket on the scene for improper lane change. No breathalyzer was given at that time. Brought to hospital emergency room by EMS. Doctor took blood work and concluded Acute Alcohol Intoxication. Released after about 2-3 hours under relative’s care. Questions are whether the blood work information would be given to State Police or be factored in to ticket for improper lane change, and if ticket should be sent in marked guilty or not guilty. Thank you in advance for any advice.
If your blood indicated levels of alcohol beyond the legal limits, the police will seek to obtain said records and a...
I have 2 DWI convictions in CTand got caught for a 3rd one in NYC. Was driving with a suspended licence. The trial date is for the middle of March. I passed the road sobriety test and refused the breathizer test. Would my sentencing involve prison time?
Your question appears as though it is missing some very key information. Having said that, you should be consulting...
The first DUI was in New Mexico in 2001. I just got one in 2009 Oct. Is there anything that I can do?
You should conact a lawyer who focuses on DWI/DUI defense immediately. Generally, there are many defenses. A...
I drink from time to time and want to know if I were ever to be pulled over and I am confident I will be over the legal limit, is it prudent to refuse to blow the meter?
It is hard to conjure circumstances where it would be advisable to refuse a breathilizer test in Connecticut. In...
I have gone and completed alcohol rehab ,MADD, and 100 hours of community service .I need to return to SC as I cannot find affordable housing in Stamford and other areas of CT. I live alone and want to be freed of the IID device on my car .What are my chances of early termination?
Probably would depend on how long your probation period is and how close you are to the end of that period.
My attorney immediately requested it or subpoena it and was told it was accidentally destroyed and is not available. Is that grounds for a motion to dismiss in Connecticut? Thanks
You should really be asking your attorney this question. They should be in a much better position to answer your...