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Statue of limation on no show drunk driving charge
Was no aware of charge, bleatherizer was under state limit. Walk out with licence, nothing came in mail, my insurance was notified. It is now 21 years later in a different state I am getting this notice? Please help
You need to hire a criminal defense attorney asap. He or she might be able to get this resolved with you ever having to...
After probation is complete, will a DUI show up on a CORI check if it is a CWOF and the record is NOT sealed? Massachusetts.
This was in Massachusetts, first offense, applying for finance jobs.
Yes and it can not be sealed for at least 5 years.
Are there other states that will grant a drivers license to someone that lost it in a given state?
I live in Mass and had 3 OUIs 20 yrs ago and got another one in 2009, in wich refused the breath test and the RMV decided to take my license for lifetime for 4th offense and refuse the chem test. Is there another state that may grant me a drivers license? Maybe a state that doesn't have Melanies Law?
No. Many states have signed onto a compact in which they share information regarding suspensions and revocations...
Hello I have a breathalyzer installed into a vehicle registered to my girlfriend. can she take them off if we get in a fight?
I got 2 duis a while back and needed a registered car to put the interlock device in so I bought a car in her name and its strictly my car she don't even know how to use the breathalyzer. we got in a fight... can she just take the plates off and leave me stranded?
I think your question is a little confusing; but if I understand it correctly, she can always prevent you from using...
Is there any way possible to get my cdl license reinstated? I can't get a job for anything that I'm qualified for-I am starving
One dui continued without a finding nine years ago. Found guilty 2-1/2 years ago of a dui and lost my job because the job mandates that you have a cdl . I haven't been able to get a job since I lost my cdl and I'm soon to become homeless. I can't even afford to feed myself.. I'm becoming a hermit and I'm only 31. It's bloody scary. How am I supposed to support myself? Everywhere I go they say I'm overqualified or I need a clean driving record. My sentence is worse than some murderers. For crying out loud I went from 90,000.00 a year to zip, nada, nothing. This is a worse sentence than the kid down the street who just got caught with meth. I have no other skills. I can't get a job w/out my cdl
Doubtful. Check out page 17. If I understand you correctly,...
Dismissed dui/ chemical refusal reinstatement if incident occurred in another state?
I was arrested in rhode island for a dui and refused the chemical test. My dui was dismissed and I lost my license for 6 months. I live in mass, if my dui was dismissed do I only have to pay for the chemical refusal? And does the arrest having occurred in another state change anything in relation to the reinstatement process?
Under the Reciprocity Statute G.L.c 90 sec.22(c), Massachusetts will apply the same period of suspension as if the...
Got a cwof in coart but the RMV says they don't see anything is this a mistake
I called RMV they don't see anything what should I do
Probably not a mistake. The delay may be caused by any of several reasons. Often, because of budget constraints,...