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This was in Massachusetts, first offense, applying for finance jobs.
Yes and it can not be sealed for at least 5 years.
I live in Mass and had 3 OUIs 20 yrs ago and got another one in 2009, in wich refused the breath test and the RMV decided to take my license for lifetime for 4th offense and refuse the chem test. Is there another state that may grant me a drivers license? Maybe a state that doesn't have Melanies Law?
No. Many states have signed onto a compact in which they share information regarding suspensions and revocations...
I needed to know how long I have to wait until I may try to seal my record or my cori if it was an oui case that was a cwof and I have completed all payments and probations on time. This was about 1 or 2 years ago. This is also the only thing that would ever be on my record, I have never gotten into any other trouble before. I am a mom that is looking for employment and to be able to volunteer in the school system.
There are two ways to seal a misdemeanor CWOF that resulted in dismissal. The first way is to wait 5 years from the...
I have a cori check happening at my child's school. I am nervous that my continuance without a finding for a dui will prevent me from being able to. Is this something that would eliminate me from being near children?
It should be a dismissal if probation is completed. It shouldn't be a problem, but speak to someone at school.
I had 1 year probation and ends the 26 of this month. I paid the probation every month 65 and sometimes more when I could for the other fees but did not pay the hole thing off.
You should have been given a time frame to get monies paid. If not, then P.O cant violate you. However, if you didnt...
I recently got pulled over on the highway for speeding through a work zone. I was told I smelled of alcohol and seems slurred. I told her I did have 1 drink about 2 hours back. The officer asked me to follow her pen with my eyes, she then went back into her car, came back and told me my car was being towed and to call someone to pick me up. So I was not arrested nor did I take a breathalyzer. I recently went to court and was told I would have to return to show in front of a judge and was told I could either represent myself or get a lawyer. I have had a past DUI 4 years ago and I live in MA. Could I be charged with a DUI? If not what is the worst that could happen?!
It's hard to understand what is going on based on the information you provided. Did you get a ticket when the car was...
Dui in Rhode Island DUI in 2006. The case closed 2008 and I currently have a MA driving license because it wasn't reported to my RMV. Now such substantial time passed, is it necessary to have this insurance?
If the RI DMV is asking you to carry SR-22 in order for your ability to drive in Rhode Island to be reinstated, and you...