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I served 2 months in jail and am out on bail, with a SCRAM device and actively attending AA meetings. I have a DUI attorney, but instead of having the stress off my shoulders I feel I have a heavier load because everything indicates he wants to take the case to trial, which I do not want. I'm worried because I need to know how he is handling my case. I am a student and presently employed, no priors, and BAC was a .09, what are my chances of returning to jail? Can I ask for house arrest? Or the very least, continue with the SCRAM program? I know what I want is irrelevant, but I don't want to go back to jail.
You need to trust your attorney. If you feel that you cannot, then you need to fire them and hire an attorney/firm that...
I'm looking for help. In 1999 I received a DUI. In 2001 I received a second DUI. The 2001 arrest went to trial and I lost. I was sentenced to 6 months and released after 30 days. I enrolled in the 18 month program and paid all my fines. I finished and was able to drop my 1999 conviction. Eight months into the 18 month program our counselor took two weeks off for the holiday season as to which we all signed off on. The day before we return I was admitted into emergency for a dislocated elbow. I was sedated and neglected to inform the representatives at the program. The following week I showed up, and was told I had been removed and that I needed to go before the judge. I was at a brand new job and couldn't easily take the time off to keep taking buses out to Pomona P.O. But I did make attempts but Probation Officer changed faster than a sneeze. Fast forward 13 years, I now need to get my drivers license back and rid myself of my past. Any suggestions? I have kept every document. Who do I contact? What am I looking at?
You will likely want an attorney to help. You will have to complete the 18 month alcohol class. You will also likely...
Does the month have to start on a friday to be the second weekend or if the 1st of the month ends on a saturday would that be considered the first weekend? Can someome tell me how it works?
This was posted to a DUI list. You want a family law list.
It is now almost 3 months since the incident has happened and I have yet to receive a response from the court. I called in today, nothing yet filed. I weigh 117 blew a .14. I do not want the affects of a DUI on my record but I a full time student with a low income. What can I do?
Sit and wait. The prosecution has up to one year to file. No need to continue to remind them that your matter hasn't...
My boyfriend was pulled over this morning, and he had a suspended license due to a second DUI in 08/2012. He was sent to jail in Van Nuys, CA. His bond is set for $75,000, which I cannot afford, even with a bond. How long will he be in there for? Do they normally cut the sentence time if bail is not paid? I'm worried, because I don't know when I'll hear from him, and I'm not in Los Angeles, currently. Also he has a job, which I'm praying won't let him go. Your response would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
Minimum sentence on a 14601.2 is 10 days. But your question is different. He may be in custody for days before he is...
I have an opened case, thinking of firing my current attorney. No communication with him whatsoever! If I have a question, its always with his secretary except for court dates when he shows up AND the ONLY time I spoke to him, when he took the case. The few words I hear from him are different to what his secretary tell me, so I don't know who to believe. Over the internet, he has good reviews. Of course, these can't be too reliable. Is there an actual place/site where I can see his success rate? I honestly feel I am not getting the representation I paid for, despite the fact that people claim he is one of the best. If I hire another attorney, how can I prevent hiring one who doesn't care about the client? Also, if the case is still in pretrial, can I hire someone new? Thank you for reading
The best advice I can give is that you need to meet the attorney face to face to discuss your case before you hire them....
I got my mandatory IID installed through Draeger Drive Right but they wrote down the wrong address (for themselves) so when the DMV in Sacramento went to verify they couldn't find them. I had to go back to the Drive Right office and get it fixed but they said they would mail it out. It took them close to a month to do that and by the time I got the form in the mail it had passed the 60 day period with the DMV so after two missed-work, lengthy days at DMV, I received nothing until I went back to Drive Right (a third time) and had the IID paperwork...a lady at a DMV branch office said there's nothing to do but have it in the full 7 months. Is this right? It's not only more time missed from work (to have it calibrated) but it's an extre 140 dollars from Drive Right...that seems not right?
You should be a different company the first time but you should try to have Draeger call mandatry action in Sacramento...