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My husband got a DUI in January 2012 he was given community services and AA classes he has successfully completed everything befor his due date know he is just in probation until April we were fixing his immigration papers but they told us know with his DUI record we can't really go on with his papers unless we would be able to change to charges so I just wanted to know if that was possible
If he already plead guilty, which it sounds like he did, he's out of luck. Someone can negotiate for reduced charges...
i was driving looking for a friends house and when i thought i saw the house i got out of my car and all of a sudden the police pointed there weapons at me and told me to get up against my car they cuffed me and i asked them what was going on they said nothing then they went towards my car and said it smells like marijuana, (but i was not smoking in vehicle i had one gram and it was a little stinky.) so they began to search my car without my consent and found the gram and an empty pipe then they came to me and told me that they pulled me over for front license plate being upside down(which was manufacturer error) and i was also supoosebly speeding and were also gonna try to book me for dui. they impounded my car had to pay for it to release was given 2 tickets tested and passed dui tests?
It is difficult to answer your question without knowing what you were charged with. It sounds like you got a DUI and...
If I got convicted for my third DUI in Riverside but im currently in LA, can I pick up the scram here? I have court tomorrow. Also whats the likely sentence if I dont get it? I did 5 months 1/2 time already. Thank you
SCRAM providers are located throughout CA. You really need to consult with an experienced DUI Attorney in Riverside...
I got a wet wreck less my first charge almost three years ago. I ended up crashing my car into a tree with passengers. I am being tried with five years prison time. Is this really going to happen? I have a current lawyer but I feel like he isn't doing an amazing job on trying to keep me out of prison because of my mothers need of a person at home 24/7. Help? Please.
If you do not feel like your current attorney is doing everything possible to help you, ask to speak to him face to...
For the record I was COMPLETELY sober and am 18. I was at the skate park when officers blocked the exits to the skate park and gave everyone tickets for being publicly intoxicated. I told them I had not been drinking and requested a test, they refused to give me one and still gave me a ticket.
Of course you can sue. Anyone can sue anyone for anything. The important question to ask is, "would I be able to win?"...
The person was arrested for a misdemeanor DUI but the DA later charged the person with a felony because of three priors in 7 years. Is this person eligible to have the felony reduced to a misdemeanor under prop 47? No accident involved with the DUI and no one was hurt. Served 6 months in state prison 3 years ago for the case.
Unfortunately, fourth time DUIs cannot be reduced under prop 47.
I filed a motion for early termination of probation at the Van Nuys court, LA county for the 2nd DUI offence.I represented myself and provided a proof of completion of an 18 month alcohol program . I also provided a proof of interlock device installment as well as evidence of reinstated driver's license from the DMV. Additionally, I attached my school transcript showing a G.P.A of 3.56 at the Ph.D. level, and asked the court that I be permitted for an early termination of probation to secure an internship to complete my Ph.D. research. The original probation term was 48 month and I already completed 24 month of it. Surprisingly, the judge told me she doesn't see any evidence of change and denied the motion!! I'm wondering what kind of extra evidence of change she is looking for ?
Good question. You should've hired an attorney to assist with.