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    Saturday Oct 18 | via The Review 

    April Michelle Dunnivan, 38, of North Canton, was arrested at 10:32 a.m. Thursday in the 1700 block of West State Street on OVI, speeding and drug paraphernalia charges after a routine traffic... Already a subscriber to print? You have online access, too... at no additional expense! Call 821-1200 to set up an account.


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i am asking what the average cost of a second dui within exactly 12 years i am charged in alliance muni court stark county ohio i blew a .14 and gave a urine sample i am drug free thank goodness will it be altogether around 2500 dollars with the 500 reinstatement fee included in this can a stark county attorney answer me in ohio
I'm not from the area and can't speak to local pricing, but in general with attorneys you get what you pay for. When...
His liscence through the court was suspended for 6mo and his CDL was suspended for a yr. He was told if he got an ID it would void the CDL and he would have to take the test again
Yes, you can obtain a "temporary ID" through the Ohio BMV. If you ask for a "State" ID it will cancel your license and...
I was in an accident and the cop said I could do the pee test at the hospital after doing the PAS on the scene....which came out .134. He said the results would be back in 3 wks. and they would go from there. I opted to take the pee test results. I have not heard a word from anyone since then. How long after the incident does the cop have to issue a citation? This was investigated by Medina County Ohio Sheriff's Department.
Generally up to a year after the incident if it would be a misdemeanor , ie, you don't have priors. Felonies are longer....
I was drinking with my girlfriend who is underage( I am of age). Cops busted us. I hadnt bought her alcohol but she says she was drinking the same brand beer that I had in my hand(Bud light). The cops gave her options which involved me and 2 friends going to jail for the night unless she says we bought it. She gave in under pressure and said all 3 of us bought her alcohol so we wouldnt have to go to jail. Now, me and 2 friends are being charged with furnishing alcohol for a minor. If me and my friends say we are not guilty in court, she has to go to the stand. Will it hold up if she explains the situation she was in and that we did not buy for her?
Let the attorney that you hire decide what to do in this case. Get one swiftly, not at the last minute.
Is this a hypothetical or do you have a more specific question? Without knowing more facts there is no correct response....
Has a criminal back ground. He turned himself in. He's looking for a better future...Please HELP.
Most states/jurisdictions have a system set up where an indigent accused is assigned a Court Appointed lawyer or the...
This concerns my son. The police report dates are wrong in several places and on one document off by 4 months, another one is month before the incident. Can they use these documents in a court trail for DUI. I reviewed the walk and talk on a video....stood on one leg with no problem. He refuse a blood test and said he would do any other type of testing. He ask for an to speak to an attorney several times ... it is in the police report. The police left at the hospital, did not bring to the police station, did not finger print him under we drove back from MO (590 miles one way). The finger printed him when we drove back for his court appearance. Pleaded not-guilty. The Canton police seem more interest in giving him a citation and impounding his car.
The things that you mention can be important in defending your son's case. However, they are not a "silver bullet"...