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I had a few questions regarding this interlock device. A few places have mentioned i need insurance and registration, unfortunately during my suspension for DUI i could not renew my registration and my auto insurance dropped me. In order to be eligible for insurance i have to prove i have my license back and the only way i can do that is if the device is in my car.Also, i'm still waiting for my paperwork from the DMV to have my license re-instated. I have no clue what to do. I don't know anyone that would be willing to have me install the device in their car for 6 months. What are my options at this point?
Answer: If you were represented by an attorney in the municipal court hearing, you should contact your attorney. If...
I was pulled over during a breathalyzer trap in NYC and blew a .09%. I plea bargained it to a violation which resulted in a fine and a requirement to take the drinking and driving program. Since I have a NJ license, I can take the IDRC in NJ or the DDP in NY.
More information is needed to determine how serious this is in NJ. In any event if NY approves the Nj program you...
I've had problems with a girl for quiet a while now, she decided to Spitefully call dyfs on me. Previous to that i hadn't smoked marijuana for 2 years til literally a month ago. Dyfs came knocking at my door made do evaluations and now they want me to complete a drug treatment . Im a good mother of a two year old. My son is n Daycare i Go To School From 9-5. I dont ever smoke around my Son When i Did, i need help
This is a family law question unless you were arrested. I changed the category.
I am on vacation in Puerto Rico and got arrested for drunk driving I have a class A CDL license issued by the state of New Jersey where I reside. will I be able to go home and what consequences should I be expecting? It is my first offense/arrest in my 25 yrs of professional driving...does that help?
It doesn't really matter how long ago it was. Merely the charge of DWI or DUI can have a detrimental effect on your...
Pulled over in NYC, charged with a DWAI (driving while ability impaired), w/a reading of 0.07%, an offense that in NY is characterized as a traffic infraction. I don't drive in NY; therefore am not as concerned about the $300 NYC fine/license suspension. My concerns lie in hefty NJ fines, NJ license suspension, and its lasting impact on my profession: 1)As a RN in NJ, will this arrest appear in my background when the board of nursing or hospitals do a criminal check, even though it's not a crime? 2)Because NJ doesn't have a DWAI equivalent, is there a way to fight the reciprocity of fines and license suspension? What are the chances of winning this? 3)Would you recommend accepting the DWAI and fighting the NJ penalties (i.e. license suspension/fines) or fighting the entire DWAI in NY?
This can constitute and likely will constitute a suspension under the compact in NJ. The NJ suspension will not be on...
When the njdmv finds out about my dwai charge will they consider it as a traffic violation only . in New york it is not considered a crime but only a traffic violation
The NJ MVC is fairly strict when it comes to interpreting out-of-state MV violation convictions. Our experience with...
I recently received a DUI in New Jersey and is not considered a felony, criminal offense or misdemeanor. I was not finger printed, it will not show up on a back ground check. When re applying for DACA, differed action for childhood arrivals will they consider my traffic violation as a serious misdemeanor because it is a DUI? If so what can I do so my application can get approved? I am very worried because I relay on the work permit I was given.
You need to ask an immigration attorney. It is not criminal and not on our CCH. Buy it is on your abstract. It depends...