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I am just looking for information on the new DUI Court in Montgomery County. I was doing some research to see what my sentencing might be for my charge and found out they have just recently started a DUI court in Montgomery County for all different levels of offenders. I was just wondering if anyone had any info regarding this because I cant find anything else besides the press release on search engines? Thank you very much ahead of time for your time.
I suggest that you contact an experienced Montgomery County DUI lawyer rather than try to represent yourself. The law...
I am facing a 4th DUI charge in Montgomery County PA. My question is if I am accepted into the Drug Court program if I can have it transferred to Rensselaer County NY. We have both a Drug Court program and an Alcohol Court program. I have been told different answers by different people some telling me that they only transfer parole out of state and others that they don't even transfer drug court in between counties. After asking multiple people in New York state the definite answer has been yes they will accept a transferred case, especially seeing that I am already on probation here. The problem lies with if I can get Montgomery County to transfer it to my county in NY? Thank you very much for your time, I have children here and would much like to stay where I am if possible
You should discuss this with your attorney. If you do not already have an experienced criminal defense attorney, let...
I have a NJ license and received a DUI in PA last year. I have been accepted into the ARD program in PA. I live in PA and I had a couple issues trying to transfer my NJ license to PA. Will NJ suspend my license and give me all the programs, fines to complete as if I got a DUI in NJ?
I would contact a DUI attorney in New Jersey to find out what the implications would be of ARD in Pennsylvania.
i took the breathlizer test and field subsidery test and failed and arrested for dui,after that i was asked to take a blood test which i refused.this is my first offence,what my chances on suspension my licences?
Your chances are excellent. The refusal to allow the blood test is an automatic one (1) year suspension. That...
My 9 year old lives with my wife and myself in PA and visits his mother who lives in NJ almost 2 hours away every other weekend. She recently got arrested for DWI and is supposed to be losing her driver’s license for 7-12 months and have and will have an interlock on her car for 6-12 afterwards. We share legal custody and I have primary custody. Am I able to have her visitation suspended during this time?
Courts disfavor cutting off a parent completely, but the visits may be reduced/changed, especially if the mother was...
I was told by my attorney that, as of the date of conviction and date I surrendered my liscense that I would be able to get it back in 12 months. According to PENNDOT website, it says that 2nd Offense Gen Imp Refusal is mandatory 18 months, so I am confused. Is it 12 months for the refusal PLUS 18 months for the conviction? Is it only 12 months? Or is it 18 months? Also, if any attorney friends are looking for pro bono cases, I beleive I have a great case for appeal. Thanks for your help and comments.
It should be the 18 months. Unfortunately, I think you will be unable to find someone to do a pro bono appeal, unless...
I received an underage at the end of my spring college semester. It is now summer and just received the notice of suspension. I need to drive for work, summer classes, etc. I am in the process of filing for the OLL, however could I appeal the suspension as a way to postpone the suspension so it does not last my entire summer and instead takes effect when I go back to school in August?
You have 30 days from the date of the notice to file an appeal. You should have an attorney file the docs. for you....