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The Strength of the State's Case Is in Your Hands When an Illinois police officer pulls your car over and begins investigating you for driving under the influence, there is one person in your vehicle who can damage your case beyond repair and one person who can save you. You are ...
So I got into a DUI incident two years ago and never got around to doing the classes, just kept getting the extensions from the courts. I did my 100 hours of community service, and paid all my $2000+ worth of fines. The reason I havn't gotten to it was mainly financial reason (poor college student), school(Full college student at the Local University), and work (full time job as an automotive technician) so as you can see, I'm very busy. What can I do to get this resolved? I go back to court in November to a different court room because my court supervision is about to be up (It was two years long, no other incidents prior so its almost over) and I haven't completed the alcohol classes. Can I ask for another extension so that way I can get through winter break and try to get them done?
Complete the classes? Is that possible? At least enroll in the classes? Is that possible?
Two duis in 2007 License revoked Caught driving on a revoked in 2013
You should strongly consider speaking to an experienced criminal defense attorney in your area.
I have a Wisconsin license, convicted of DUI in Illinois, I also work in Illinois. Can I get an RDP to travel to and from work? I am also required to do work release as well. I would travel from Twin Lakes, WI to Palatine, IL. Thanks for any and all your help.
To apply for an RDP, you must go through the informal/formal hearing process During your consultation, you must...
I was tailgated by a car at 2:30 am & I paced in fear of getting mugged (doing 65 on 30 limit), this car turned out to be a cop car. When the cop car flashed its lights, I immediate came to a complete stop. I had just had a couple of beers that night before getting behind the wheels which I told the officer. I was very nervous getting pulled over for the first time, I was asked to perform the STSF procedures, which I thought I did correctly. However, I was arrested for DUI and the officer would not let me contact anyone. I cooperated with everything other than the breathlyzer test because I wanted to speak to someone before taking this test but they wouldn't let me. I want to hire the best lawyer to handle this case. What question should I ask him to make sure he/she fits my case? Thanks!
You have a serious speeding case as well as a DUI case. Speak to several lawyers after thinking about the questions you...
I was the DD after party Saturday night. On the way home, i had hit a pothole and believed i had a flat. Upon further inspection, we realized that the problem was more mechanical so I put a request in to my insurance for a tow. After sending the tow request, i realized my phone battery was low so my husband and I walked across the street to the drugstore to buy a charger, leaving my husbands friend and the security guard who witnessed the breakdown. When my husband and I returned the car was gone. The security guard told us the friend took off in the vehicle with only 3 tires. We found out police pursued him until he crashed into a curb, parked van, and pole. We went to the station to report the incident but the officer refused to make a report. He wasn't even charged with a DUI
I am trying to imagine, 'the friend took off in the vehicle with only 3 tires." I would have liked to see that!...
there was a 7 hr block of time later, they knocked on my door and I answered. Walked home from friends house, didn't drive. Intended to call Lawyer and turn myself in for the accident the next morning but never got the chance. So I can get a dui while in my own home? Nobody saw me drink and drive because I hadn't started drinking yet but was when they showed up 7 hrs later. I refused to blow.
Your refusal to provide a breathalyzer is tantamount to admission Bad idea Hire an attorney. Do not do any more...