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  • The Latest on flooding: Several factors led to recor...

    Sunday May 24 | via KATV Little Rock 

    Inside a 1920s-era warehouse in the heart of a once-bustling coalfields hub, Brandon Blankenship saws through 8-foot boards pulled up from the building's floor, looking each one up and down for "a face... Inside a 1920s-era warehouse in the heart of a once-bustling coalfields hub, Brandon Blankenship saws through 8-foot boards pulled up from the building's floor, looking each one up and down for "a face that's not... Police in riot gear made numerous arrests overnight as protesters took to the streets after a judge found a city police officer not guilty in the deaths of two unarmed black suspects killed in a barrage of police... The streets returned to calm Sunday after police arrested dozens of demonstrators overnight when protests grew increasingly aggressive in the wake of a patrolman's acquittal in the deaths of two unarmed black suspects.


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  • Norman Tattoo Shop Says Police Will Not Be Served, P...

    Saturday May 23 | via News9 Oklahoma City 

    It's been nearly a week since a fight between biker gangs in Waco turned in to a deadly shootout. Nine were killed, 18 were injured, and 170 were arrested by police.


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  • Texas woman is arrested in Norman crash that killed ...

    Monday May 4 | via 

    A driver was arrested on manslaughter and DUI complaints after a Norman motorcyclist died Sunday from injuries he suffered in a collision. Shortly after 12:30 a.m. Sunday, Chad Brown, 29, was driving a motorcycle in the area of west State Highway 9 and the northbound Interstate 35 on ramp.


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  • Driver Arrested In Crash That Killed Motorcyclist In...

    Monday May 4 | via News9 Oklahoma City 

    Norman police arrested the driver of an SUV involved in a collision that claimed the life of a motorcyclist early Sunday morning. According to police, at 12:33 a.m., Norman Emergency Communications Center received a call of an injury accident in the area of west State Highway 9 and the northbound Interstate 35 on-ramp.


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  • Norman man ordered to trial in fatal shooting

    May 1, 2015 | via 

    A Norman man has been ordered to trial on a first-degree murder charge in the shooting death of a neighbor who complained he was making too much noise. Cleveland County Special Judge Steve Stice ruled evidence presented at a preliminary hearing Thursday was sufficient to hold Ethan Johnson Spruill, 23, for trial in the death of Aaron Donelle McCray Jr., 22. McCray's wife, Stephanie Grantham, testified that she went to Spruill's upstairs apartment at 1820 Cherry Stone St. on Feb. 15, 2014, to ask him to be quiet because the couple's children were asleep in the apartment below.


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  • OU Football: Dorial Green-Beckham came to Oklahoma a...

    Apr 28, 2015 | via 

    Later this week, there's a great chance the enigmatic wide receiver with undeniable talent but plenty of questions surrounding his character will be the first Sooner selected in the NFL Draft. Dorial Green-Beckham catches passes as players participate in Pro Day at the University of Oklahoma on March 11, 2015 in Norman, Okla.


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  • Charges Filed Against Man Arrested Following Norman ...

    Apr 28, 2015 | via News9 Oklahoma City 

    Charges have been filed against a man accused of leading Cleveland County deputies on a pursuit while a 2-year-old child was in his vehicle last Friday in a Norman neighborhood. According to the Cleveland County Sheriff's office, about 12:30 p.m. on Friday, April 24, deputies went to a home in the 1000 block of Arkansas Street in Norman to serve Joshua Vanderburg, 26, with nine felony warrants and one misdemeanor warrant.


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  • Norman martial arts coach charged with sexual assaul...

    Apr 27, 2015 | via KOCO-TV Oklahoma City 

    Norman police reported the crimes occurred at the Edge Brazilian Jiu Jitsu gym on Bart Conner Court. Cleon Self is charged with four counts of lewd acts with a child and two counts of solicitation of a minor.


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  • Guns allowed at Norman Music Festival, attendees wei...

    Apr 25, 2015 | via KFOR-TV Oklahoma City 

    Originally, the Norman Music Alliance and City of Norman said weapons would not be allowed at this year's Norman Music Festival, but the Oklahoma Second Amendment Association put up a fight and a judge ruled in its favor. Now, gun owners have been able to enjoy the event with weapons in tow, and for the most part, the guns have gone unnoticed.


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Norman Law

Can I fight the DPS about putting a breathalyzer in my vehicle
I have several dui's and completed a drug court program i havedcompleted18 months of treatment and I was wondering if I could beat having a breathalyzer in my vehicle
Drug court and treatment are related to your criminal charges. The DPS statutory requirements covering an interlock...
If i get a 2nd dui i tennesee is my lisence good in another state
i got a 2nd dui in tennesee are my lisence good in in oklahoma
TN's version of the OK DPS will report your status to OK DPS via the national driver registry. They will act.
I accepted an internship offer and they are running a background check. Will my DUI show up?
I live in Oklahoma, I got arrested and charged with a DUI 2 years ago. I have completed my deferred sentence and have completed my 991C expungement process, they said my plea will be changed, record sealed, and can only be accessed through OSBI. If the company I am interning for runs a background check or looks at my driving record, will the DUI show up?
Yes. A 991c is not an arrest expungment. A background through obi for crim. history will show you areezted, charged...
Unpaid fines for dui first defense
Dui 2011 completed all classes and DA supervision probation payments. Got a letter needing to go to court for unpaid fines for 1,600$ and court clerk told me I was not able to make payments until I go to court. Will they make me pay in full or go to jail on court date?
The answer is dependent on why you still owe this much, what you already paid, how long since you paid. I would...
I received a deferred sentence for my second DUI in may 2010. My probation ends October 1 2013.
I have done all community service paid all fine am about to complete 24 hour DUI school have completed VIP and am currently enrolled in the RIDD program. I am randomly tested for etg alcohol tests. If I fail one etg what will happen? I don't plan on doing so but I'm just not very familiar with the test .
Usually when this type of question is asked there is a reason. But assuming there is nothing in your system as you...
Is it possible to move out of state, Oklahoma, to Texas if you are in a drug court program?
On probation for 5 years, felony DUI deferred sentence, was set to be resolved early 2014. Had a job offer in west Texas, lost the offer due to possible HR error. Hiring managers still interested in hiring me. Took loss of job hard, received aggravated DUI. That has now been filed as a felony. Think I have chance to get into drug court, which should get both charges dismissed and sealed if successfully complete drug court? Now the company that denied me is interested in hiring me, but would have to move from OK to Texas. Case has not went to trial yet. May be a couple months. Can I move to Texas now for job if they still want me? If sentenced to drug court in OK, can I transfer that to Texas to complete? Not trying to get out of drug court, just transfer if possible. Thank you.
I suggest consulting with a few local criminal defense attorneys. Most will offer a free consultation and they should...
Will WA suspend my driver's license if my previous OK license is suspended? Can I get a WA license if OK is pending suspension?
My driver's license is pending a 2-year suspension by The Department of Public Safety in Oklahoma, which means it's still valid at the moment. It has been a year since the offense but my license has not been suspended yet because they are really backed up. I'm about to move to Washington and want to get a Washington license to help me obtain in-state residency for tuition purposes. I know you can't get a license in any state if your license is suspended in another state. However, if I get a license in Washington before my license is suspended in Oklahoma, will Washington receive notice of my suspension in Oklahoma whenever they get around to it? I'm not sure if they share information like that. What if I get pulled over in Washington with my valid WA license and suspended OK license?
Both Washington and Oklahoma are members of an interstate compact that informs each other when a driver's license has...