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All fines and terms were completed at the time. Not arrests or tickets since then.
Unfortunately, Minnesota currently does not allow DWI convictions to be expunged, although the attitude toward...
The sheriff didn't give me any tickets or take my license. I also called the Iowa dot and it is valid here. How do I get information about what is going on right now? Will I be able to not have jail time so I can keep my job? If jail time has to be served can it be done in Iowa on weekends?
Normally the prosecutor will mail out a formal complaint to the address on your driver'a license. If you took a blood...
Officer asks me 3 months later to come in and sign owi what if I don't? I did a urine test that day was not ticketed or arrested took proof in next day and all med was returned to me what can they do if I don't go in and sign
The same thing they will do if you do go in and sign. Hire a lawyer now and stop speaking to the police.
They didn't give me a ticket and gave me my license back to me. I also submitted to both the blower and blood test. Will this count as a second offense? Can I drive until I receive the ticket? Will I be able to get a work permit in Iowa?
Contact a local criminal defense attorney so that they can follow up on your case and answer all of your questions. The...
If its your 1st DUI at what point should you get the interlock device installed in your car.
It depends on when you want to drive on a temporary restricted license. If you have to wait 30 days for the TRL, for...
I was charged with a public in-toxic within a fenced area that was selling alcohol
If you were in a public area, you can get a drunk in public regardless if you're in a BAR or anywhere else.
So if I gave up my license after the 10 days in July and my court date is not until Sept. The penalty is 180 days without a license. Does this mean I would be able to reapply for a regular license in Jan which is 180 days from the time the license was taken or is it 180 after the date sentence which would be March.
The DOT will send you a notice with the reinstatement date. You will need SR22 insurance, a substance abuse evaluation,...