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I am from Indiana and got a owi in michigan
Yes it does - if you want to retain the privilege to drive in New York State. Failure to pay the DRA's will result in...
it has been exactly one month today, and the hearing officer told me i would receive my determination within a month. Win or lose, i really need to get the final order so i can stop stressing about this. Also, is there any way i could contact them and find out when i will get it?
The DLAD is currently running behind. Recently I have seen it take up to seven weeks for them to send out orders....
it was my second dui 2002. my first was in michigan and this one in missouri, i did not go to my sentencing and i currently have a warrant out for my arrest but they will not pick me up from michigan. Is there anyway i could get that resolved without having to turn myself in in missouri? I would pay what ever fine i have to to get it resolved. please help.
You did not go to sentencing, so it is likely you did not receive a sentence. That sentence may include jail. It is...
I have never been in trouble with the law before, should I travel outside the us?
Consult an immigration attorney immediately.
It is her first offense. All the kids took the breathilizer. Court is Tue. Do they plead not guilty and pay the fine and take the supervision? Thank you.
Considering your daughter's criminal record is at stake, I would kindly but strongly recommend you retain a Criminal...
i was driving and a drunk man turn in front of me and i hit him and totaled out my car
This is better suited for the personal injury section of AVVO as you are not in need of a criminal defense attorney.