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I got a Duii for blowing zero on a breath test because I had weed and methadone supposedly in my system. I was shopping at Lowes coming out of the store I seen an officer near my car. A citizen called me in saying they seem me drinking, they did not see me drinking they seen me throw a beer can in the back of my truck. The citizens are lying. I was not even driving when the officer showed up.
It sounds like you may have a solid defense against a DUI charge if you fight your case. One thing the prosecutor is...
I currently have a valid license. I have complete the diversion, but based on new laws am I required to have an interlock device if I move to Washington?
If your diversion is completely finished and your probation is over then you should be allowed to remove the device....
Had a dui 4 yrs ago was put in diversion. Did not complete it went back to my home state instead where I had a job and a home and was pretty much destitute while in OR where I didn't have a job or a home. Came back to OR 2 weeks ago turned myself in now I go to sentencing on the 29th for violation of diversion, violation of probation, duii, I think still being charged with FTA not sure on that, + failure to do 40 hours community service. I'm seeing a lawyer in about 9 days but I'm a bit nervous as to what I may get. They gave me a show cause hearing right before my sentencing. Wondering what the minimums and maximum penalty's are. Thought I was doing the right thing by turning myself in now I'm not so sure I should have. I'm thinking this judge is gonna stick it to me cuz he wasn't to nice
Why are you waiting 9 days to see a lawyer? Talk to one immediately. If you want to locate one in your area here on...
DUII charge was 10-23-09, UA still wasn't back in 2-22-10 decided to plead no contest and get it moving. I completed all requirments of the diversion on 5-3-10 submitted all to the courts, there are no other citations on my record of almost 40+ years. DWS was a 4 hr drive 8:30a, I called the week prior to get the documantaion fo citation w/audioand video was told no, by the police department and the D.A.'s office. They did not file I appear and there are no charges w/no filing, also no court appoionted attorney. Can this hang over me indefinately or possibly a warrent for my arrest if they file and I don't know, can't appear. Can they do whatever, whenever and yet I wasn't given even 30 days or any evidence of the charge on me. Also as w/the DUII I was not driving or intoxcated w/DWS. Help
Why did you plead no contest to DUII if you weren't even driving?
I am currently on bench probation in Newport oregon. I have paid all my fines and am about 1 month and a half from being off for good. I was up in roseburg oregon visiting family and was arrest for dui, with no other charges, will newport find out about my arrest? since its only a bench probation, and not formal probation? Im going to fight my charges and im really worried about getting violated before i can prove im innocent in court.
Although I am not familiar with probation procedures in Or, I imagine that the other court will learn of your new...
I had the third DUI in my life last year, first in Oregon. The other two occured in CA and AZ over the last sixteen years. The AZ DUI was for control and custody of a vehicle least degree of impairment, as I was not driving but parked legally on a dead end street to sleep as I was exhausted and felt as though I was too tired to drive. I have complied and completed all terms of my sentence but for paying the balance of my fine. I am disabled and live in a tiny coastal town without good public transportation, and cannot access medical and therapy facilities I need to treat my disability. I have considered writing to my convicting judge in the Lane Co. Circuit court to ask for a reduced sentence, a suspension or to be allowed a hardship license. Is this a possibility ?
Generally speaking, this would be an issue with the Motor Vehicle Department not the Courts. Unless the court ordered...
I just moved to Oregon and need to get a job.I wasn't sure if I had to complete everything in cali to get a license here
Probably yes. California and Oregon participate in the interstate compact for licenses. This means Oregon will not give...