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I got a DUI year 2002 BAC was 0.00 Prescp meds expungement in 2010 DMV wants Abstract Court destroyed records cant issue abstr
Since the court, Newport Beach, can't issue an abstract on a case that is no longer in system what can I do? I have been trying to get my license for 13 years now. I'm stuck... Please help me. I just got my first ticket for driving on a suspended license in Fullerton and they took my car for 30 days. I owned it,(BMW 325 I Convertible) have insurance thru AAA, registration currant. I need help please... Laura Somerset
Send DMV a certified court transcript showing that the record has been destroyed.
For A DUI, I am a diabetic is the Alcotest 7510 accuarate enough to detect acetone?
DUI Breath test
You're getting into some very technical areas regarding breath testing equipment and interfering substances. You need...
Is this a standard offer for a .21% BAC case (first offense, no aggravating factors other than >=.20% BAC)?
I was actually given two offers. One was the 9 month program and the other, the 6 month program but with DNA terms. Is that a pretty standard reduction in exchange for DNA or can a 3 month program usually be obtained? A 6 month program would definitely be a major relief compared to the 9, but at the same time, the thought of donating a DNA sample to Rackauckas' freakish bank is a rather odious prospect. Case is at HJC, which I was told is where you get the best deals in OC.
That is a great deal for a BAC that high. sounds like a Judge London deal and his are the best. As far as the DNA, that...
Orange County Interlock Device - For first time DUI with .14 BAC
First time offender, no speeding, no accident, no other circumstances. Just got pulled over for crossing into a crosswalk with my front tires. In orange County - Does a judge usually have you install one of these devices?
No, you are looking at a 3 month alcohol education course, MADD panel possibly, and fines and fees. Dmv will suspend...
Will i go to Jail on a first time DUI with a .14 BAC in Orange County - California
I was pulled over for stopping in a crosswalk. No speeding, no accident, no kids ect. I had a .14 BAC. I was compliant with the officer. I plan on hiring an Attorney. I just want to know if i will have to serve jail time. I don't want an ambiguous answer, I would just like to know purely statistics on weather or not anyone would go to jail under these circumstances. I also did have a NY license because i just moved here.
If convicted you will never have to do jail time unless you choose to. There are alternatives to jail. Sheriffs work...
I got my 2nd dui within 5yrs I blew a .27
Will the judge give me more time because I blew.27, an should I get a lawyer I dont want to go to jail, I also can't do weekends because I work weekends I can do the bracelet but have to go to work
House arrest *should* be available, but some judges in the Harbor Justice Center in Newport Beach will approve it for a...
Have a DUI from 2006 and i am not on probation. Two nights ago i left a bar with some friends and i was pulled over
and arrested for a dui with a prior after i hit a parked car driving on the street. I blew a .12/,13 and there are damages to my vehicle and the other vehicle. I have court in Westminister. I am in the process of hiring an attorney and doing my research. Other than telling me i am screwed and i need to hire an attorney can someone please tell me what i am looking at. Are there any mandatory jail time i am looking at? How about my license suspension? How long are the classes i will do? How long am i on probation?
yes get an attorney and you are not necessarily screwed. Depending on when the alcohol test was taken and the time of...