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I just got arrest for dui and the court reduced it reckless driving so my photo will come online?? This is first time been arrest!! Thank you
It might, all you have to do is check about 100 sites. We live in an age of internet transparency. Do you know...
I'm currently on the 3 year informal probation for a DUI. My informal probation terms are general - no more drinking under the influence, pay fines, always have proper documents, and the standard violate no laws. I received a bp 25620 citation - observed having an open container of smirnoff malt liquir in public (recorded as half full and cold). Will this violate my informal probation or just go down as an infraction? Thank you.
It can only be an infraction but if your probation condition is to NOT consume any alcohol, it may be a probation violation.
I've had an IID device in my car for one year. Never had a problem till recently. I blew into the device and registered a violation. I had not been drinking and don't drink. The device did not lock me out and when I called Smart Start they indicated that if it were major violation I'd of been locked out with a 48 notice to get it calibrated. I believe it registered a .05. I'm not sure what to do.
The only thing you can do is contact your attorney and inform them of what happened. Call Smart Start and get name of...
First time offender, no speeding, no accident, no other circumstances. Just got pulled over for crossing into a crosswalk with my front tires. In orange County - Does a judge usually have you install one of these devices?
No, you are looking at a 3 month alcohol education course, MADD panel possibly, and fines and fees. Dmv will suspend...
I was pulled over for stopping in a crosswalk. No speeding, no accident, no kids ect. I had a .14 BAC. I was compliant with the officer. I plan on hiring an Attorney. I just want to know if i will have to serve jail time. I don't want an ambiguous answer, I would just like to know purely statistics on weather or not anyone would go to jail under these circumstances. I also did have a NY license because i just moved here.
If convicted you will never have to do jail time unless you choose to. There are alternatives to jail. Sheriffs work...
Will the judge give me more time because I blew.27, an should I get a lawyer I dont want to go to jail, I also can't do weekends because I work weekends I can do the bracelet but have to go to work
House arrest *should* be available, but some judges in the Harbor Justice Center in Newport Beach will approve it for a...
DA decided to test for Ambien, since no other significant level of medication was present in 2012, BAC zero.
If you are being charged with 23152(a) yes they can use 2 year old blood test results if taken at the time of arrest....