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DA decided to test for Ambien, since no other significant level of medication was present in 2012, BAC zero.
If you are being charged with 23152(a) yes they can use 2 year old blood test results if taken at the time of arrest....
First time offense Strike/F assault & misdemeanor assault on cohabitant. I'm 100lbs I broke nose of civilian dressed officer - interrupted a fight with ex bf. Sentence 180 days in Orange Co.
Follow the instructions given to you at the time if your sentence, but 6 am is an unusual report time. Most Orange...
i have a court date tomorrow at west in oc for a second dui, I went on oct. 31 for the arraigment and asked to continue to seek an attorney, because I've been told I could lessen at least jail time with the right attorney..I haven't been able to come up with the money until next week, so I still don't have an attorney for tomorrow.. what should I do?
Request an additional extension . Tell court you are in process of retaining an attorney.
So it looks like he got one on 12/09/10, 04/30/10, 05/07/09,03/28/09,08/22/08,04/08/12 and 08/29/12 which he gets sentenced in November. Not only multiple DUI's but a parole violation. Is he looking at getting many years? I am curious and feel terrible he cannot stay sober.
Why not fight this seventh DUI? Why give up? Does he have some defenses? DUI's are very defensible. He needs a good...
I was calling 911 while driving to report a car in front of me because he was driving on and off my lane seemed DUI, also his break light was not working. Then cop pulled me over, he parked his motorcycle right behind me and he started writing a ticket without talking to me, so I got out of my car and told him that I am calling 911, then he asked me for what, I said to report a car at the stop light and I finger pointed to the car and he saw it, and he saw the break light is not working, but he said it's not emergency, get back in the car right now, he said. After I had him speak to 911 operator to show that I was really calling 911, he gave me a ticket anyways. I didn't mention about DUI coz he was so determined to give me a ticket, I thought nothing would have changed.
Brake light is not an emergency. DUI was not mentioned. I would pay the ticket.
I got a dui in id in 2009 and got my license reinstated there after successfully paying all fines, community service... Recently I moved back to ca, and went to renew my license. Rather than sending me a DL I received an Order of Suspension with a worksheet of steps that will need to be taken to get a restricted license- including taking another DUI class. IMO, this seems like a case of double jeopardy as I have already done everything in regards to this case. Any light shed on this would be great- is it worth me hiring a lawyer or better to go through the motions and work on getting my license back (even if restricted).
If you still had a CA license at the time of the ID DUI... The answer is Yes. If you had an ID license at the time of...
I got first DUI BAC .09 The court reduced to reckless driving I already started 3 months school ten and got my SR22 My school ten will be done on September so I apply for restricted make me wait 5 months to get license back or once I finish my school I can go DMV will cancel this one and give me full license ....thank you
That was imposed was either a four month suspension or a 30 day suspension with a 5months restriction. In order to...