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I gave my keys to a friend they were taking me home could not find my house and left me on side of road. I do not remember anything except waking up in jail not knowing what happened. I was told I also refused to take a breath test and do not remember that either!
Under the circumstancesit will be in your best interest to retain an attorney. You are facing criminal charges that...
This is a scenario in a screenplay I am writing. The judges decision important to how the story plays out.
In Georgia, there is a real chance that this would be called manslaughter.
I have possession of marijuana less than an ounce and failure to maintain lane
Hire a lawyer.
can I request a continuance to hire a lawyer and still be ok to drive?
Yes, you can request a continuance, but it will be up to both the officer and the judge as to whether or not they will...
I got DUI & reckless driving open container in the city of Warner Robbins upon arrest I got facial fracture & head injury was told I fell on my face I live in Newnan ga 3 hours away its been over 10 years since my last DUI just had back surgery & still healing from face fracture plus I have copd real bad which I'm on oxygen when I sleep I have months of recovery I know I will have fines problaly lose my drivers but I've been trying to get help on a lawyer court appointed since I can't work but getting no where over the phone I really need help , I'm scared to death I have anxiety. Disorder so one panic attack after the other plz help
The court should appoint a lawyer to represent you if you're unable to afford one. The court clerk should be able to...
I got a DUI with priors over 10 years ago , no trouble since , was tring for court appoitmented lawyer , because cant afforded a which I say a real lawyer , but was going tomorrow to fill out the paperwork , but was told I have to appear with documents proving I can't afford one , on court day , cause its a plea day but I wanted to just get it over with , in past I've had at least 7 DUI all misdormeaners last in 96 also misdorminor , so question would be would I be better to just plea out & get it over , what's the mandatory jail time , just had major back surgery havint fully healed & haven't started physical therapy along this I'm on qxygen when ever I sleep high blood pressure adviair plus other meds for copd what is my best course of action ? Thank you , CyntWaller
If I read your statement correctly that in the past you've had 7 prior DUI's you need to get a court appointed lawyer....
this is my 2nd dui within 5 years.
Sure, so long as it has not already been resolved. It will be more difficult to get a prosecutor to drop it from DUI...