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Conditional license from DMV?
I was recently convicted of DWAI in New York. I also attended a hearing at the DMV because I refused to take the breathalyzer when I was arrested. After the hearing, the DMV took my license away for a year based on my refusal. Can I get a conditional license? The woman judge hearing the case was really mean.
You can apply for the conditional license in light of the plea.
Concerning dwi arrest
Arrested and charged with dwi outside vehicle officer claimed driving wrong way on one way stopped on one way parked on two way ( makes no sense i know) not even no two way street where p/o arrested me complied with officer ultimitely arrested and charged with dwi happened feb 2014 fast forward may2015 top dwi charges dropped 30/30 granted fighting traffic infractions now which is driving wrong way on one way parked on two way theres no two way any way i loss my license, car, and been susoended from work since are there grounds to sue for damages and mental and emotional stress placed upon me and my family due to this inconvience
You probably don't have a litigable claim but you can always talk to a civil right attorney.
DWI, DUI, and jail time
My new boyfriends ex is pregnant with his baby but in the last 3-4 years she has gotten a DWI and DUI and did jail time. Also was into drugs for a while. Could my boyfriend fight for custody of his child?
Your boyfriend could always fight for custody. Sole custody is difficult thing to get considering but there are some...
Can someone be deported for an aggravated DWI conviction?
Has a prior DWAI. No other criminal history. 32 years old, in USA since 3 years old. Works at same job, financial advisor, for over 9 years.
As a technical matter, your second DUI likely does not qualify as an aggravated felony (crime of violence punishable by...
Dwi in nyc
I asked this before but made an error. So ill ask again. I was stopped at a check pt in queens. Arrested and taken to the precinct. At the precinct I passed the movement/sobriety test but got a .09 on the breath test (not .08 as I stated before). I read for it to be dismissed it has to go to trial, but what are my other options? Can it be brought down to a violation and what kind? Does it affect my license?
A good lawyer should be able to negotiate a reduction to a traffic infraction. This will carry a 90 license suspension...
I surrendered my license for DUI, but am attending drug-court-ordered AA meetings that I need to drive to. Can I drive there?
I'm asking this b/c I saw paperwork on the kitchen table yesterday after my stepson attended court for his DUI. The paperwork said he had could drive his vehicle up until 2:00 pm yesterday. He was out in his car from 8:00 - 10:30 last night. My husband and stepson both claim he called his court appointed lawyer who said he has a provisional license "pending" and therefore could drive to the AA meetings. Never mind AA meetings are only an hour. I think they're lying and ignoring the law. I think a provisional license will be granted so he can go to school and AA meetings, but I don't think one magically appeared within 6 hours. I think he has to attend driving classes and jump through some hoops to get it first. Although he DOES have to attend these drug-court-ordered AA classes.
Best advice is you have your son contact DMV. Find out if he has a provisional license. Most times the DMV does this in...
NJ license and Charged w/ DWI in NY. Eligible for conditional license?
My driving privileges in NY are suspended. Am I eligible for a conditional license after 30 days or not since my license in NJ issued?
As long as you do not have a prior DWI related conviction within the last 5 years and there are no other NY based...