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I got arrested and charged with a DWI for being asleep in a car across the street from my home. It was very late and i was locked out, but had spare keys to the family car. I had the keys in the ignition and the car might have been on. I have a prior DWI charge where i received a misdemeanor with a conditional discharge. I was NOT pulled over, is there anyway to work around this felony and jail time.
I would hope for something this serious you have an attorney. You should ask him/her. If you don't have one, get one....
we were told that if he pleads guilty the fine would be $1000 and the charge would be changed to a disorderly conduct offense and it would go on his record. what should be done? and at what expense?
Much of it depends on the facts of the case. However, you should retain counsel to review your case. Many times,...
i was arrested for suspicion of DWI the officer gave me the sobriety test and he said i had failed and that is why i had to be arrested when i was taken in they have me a second Breathalyzer test and he said i had a BAC of .05 which is not considered at DWI but a DWAI, I want to plea no guilty because i belief that the sobriety test that i was given was unfair because it was 30 degrees outside and i wearing a shirt dress and did it without shoes so i was freezing and shacking. do you belief i have a case? should i plea not guilty? what happend if i plea not guilty and the convict me anyways?
You should always enter a plea of not guilty at the time of arraignment. Unless they offer you and your attorney an...
I received a DWI on the date of 1/6/11, convicted on 7/13/11 and sentenced to 3 years probation on 12/5/11.
You start by discussing it with your Probation Officer. If that doesn't get you anywhere you make a motion before the judge.
I am on DWI probation and currently have revoked license. My question is , would I be able to finish all my applications online when eligible , and before I go to dmv or would I be violating my probation by doing so? Probation officer said that I just can't have valid license without approval , but can I lift Revocation for eligibility to apply for the license. I am a little confused. Any help would be greatly appreciated .Thanks
Generally the court won't allow you to apply for a license without permission. If you are only seeking to lift the...
The arrest was after a prior of 4 years and 11 months ago for a Dwai, but the conviction was well over 5 years. - the dwi-drugs conviction was based off a blood-test refusal, which was dismissed at the DMV court. - the defendent needs a vehicle to be employed and remain owner of his business (he is a process server) - the defendent was sentenced to attend DDP, continue of a Tasc rehab program, revocation of drivers license for 6 months, under a depositional discharge
The defendant will find out when he or she appears at the DMV to register for the DDP to see if he or she is eligible...
I'm in court for a first offense DWI arrest (.13 BAC) for which I pled not guilty (I have a lawyer). The court ordered me to go for a TASC (Treatment Alternatives for Safer Communities) evaluation for alcohol abuse. I already see a therapist who recommended I see another therapist he knows for the TASC eval who does them on a routine basis for TASC instead of the county place the court paper has on it. This other therapist is fully licensed and state certified, does the evals for TASC all the time and say it is fine that I see him instead and he will do the report for TASC. He can see me sooner than the place the court sent me to. My question is does anyone think the court would come down hard on me if I see this private therapist for the TASC eval rather than go to the county place for it
You should consult your attorney to discuss this with the presiding Judge and the District Attorney as to whether...