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Is being detained for 52 minutes without PC for a DUI a violation of Unreasonable Search and Seizure?
I was arrested for DUI prosecutor dropped charge to reckless. I was unlawfully arrested without PC for DUI. Can I sue under 1983 for being held for 52 minutes before being arrested without PC? This arrest was a violation of my rights.
You can try to do whatever you want. Will you win? No. You won't. They don't need PC to detain you, just reasonable...
How can I fight my 2nd DUI in Pasco County,Fl
Was arrested going home after work around midnight. Reason why pulled over I was driving 45 mph which was 20 miles below speed limit. I had not eaten anything that day, was up at 4:00am and worked from 7:30am to 9:00pm. I had 5 beers before leaving work. I blew a .10 because the sheriff said if I blew I could get out on my own. My first DUI was in 1998 which I tried to fight, did not blow, and lost anyway. I work to supplement my SS. I am so afraid of jail time. Any suggestions. Yes I do have a lawyer, she is very nice but I feel inexperienced. She tried to get reduced to reckless and substitute prosecutor said no. Afraid to go to trial because if I lose will get an unknown amount of jail time. Jail time is what scares me to death.
The same way you fight the first one. You hire a competent, aggressive, and relentless criminal defense attorney that...
What is the average cost of a 1st time DUI blowing 0.15. No previous record.
Blew 0.15 no previous arrests.
This is not a website where fees are discussed.... they are all over the place and you generally get what you pay for....
I'm going to violate my misdemeanor probation.
I am unable to fulfill all the obligations that were required for my probation. I don't really have an excuse aside from poor time management and working 65+ hours a week since January gave me very little time for this important matter. Is there a way to request an extension of probation without fear of being arrested since I didn't complete what was asked of me? It's DUI probation. I needed to accomplish 50 hours of community service and do the DUI class. I can have the court costs and fines paid before it's too late. I'm just unable to take work off at this very moment. If I had another 60-120 days I can most certainly arrange to complete probation successfully. Thanks in advance.
Probably not. Use the AVVO "Find a Lawyer" tool bar and seek out an experienced attorney to assist you.
How much restitution can a person get from me for a DUI accident?
My insurance company has already paid the guy $75k...for an accident that he went to the hospital for and I was told by my insurance company that he only suffered minor scrapes and bruising... Originally, the judge ordered around $1100, the victim has disputed that amount and is asking for I have to go back to court this month, just not sure what to expect. I am not working, I'm on unpaid medical leave from work (just applied for SSDI...), just started receiving food assistance, lost my health insurance... What can I expect to happen? The restitution is part of my 11-month probation sentence...
You need to discuss this issue with your attorney, not us, but your perception of "scrapes and bruises" is almost...
Accident involving DUI need civil lawyer.
Son locked up for DUI and I'm on title and insurance with him and an accident occurred now I'm being sued.
Your son can retain a local DUI lawyer. If you are sued, turn the papers over to your insurance company to defend.
My son was in an accident not injured and arrested for DUI but hit another vehicle and some of the passenger are claiming injury
We have insurance but we were served papers and now are being sued civilly what lawyer do I use for help?
Send that to your insurance. They'll defend the case and try to settle within policy limits.