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My boyfriend is in jail due to what they call a pv. He didn't even know that he was on probabtion. This all started when he got pulled over a month ago due to his taillight being out is what the cop said. Cop saw that his eyes were bloodshot and hounded him about being drink or high which he was not. He asked if he could search my bf's car and he did not give him permission there for he said he was charged with ovi and put him the back of his car and searched his car without permission. He had his license taking away. He was paying a lawyer to take care of this but money is tight so he was working driving to work which he shouldn't had but needed to work to make more money for the lawyer. Got caught and his ticket said drving with out license but they say he is in jail for pv how is that
Simple. See if you qualify for the public defender. Or do what you need to do to come up with more money
Hasn't been arraigned yet,was in hospitol.
Yes. A lawyer can help. The sooner you get one, the better! You almost certainly will lose your license again without...
I was driving home with some friends from a casual party. It was about 2AM when we were on our way back home. I only had 3 beers and did not feel impaired whatsoever and nor we're my passengers. We get on a road close to my house, when a deer darts out into my line of vision. I panic and pull my emergency break, and I slide all the way into a telephone pole. My friends were in a panicked state and started to walk home. The car wouldn't start so I went home to tell my father about the accident. We went back to the crash site immediately to find a cop taking pictures. In short he arrested me after a sobriety test,(I passed) saying my eyes were twitching. He never read me my rights before he cuffed and questioned me. He never told me my chemical test rights and the breathalyzer looked ancient
Yes you should contact an experienced DWI/DUI attorney without delay. If you want to find one in your area here on...
Attorney talks terrible to my so , he can't even ask questions. He wasn't driving when arrested. He really needs help. Is it too late? He just got a great job, first time in his life. This is felony. Time in jail is unknown. Help!
It is hard to tell if it is too late from what you have related, but time is wasting away. Contact another attorney...
i have a federal ovi/refusal to blow charge. judge says it carries minimum 20 days. will they give me my heart meds in jail??? I cannot miss even one day of them!
I suggest trying to call the facility and asking your questions to them directly. If you have an attorney, they can...
Pulled into an entrance to the military base to turn around and got an OVI
Call me and I would be happy to discuss the details of your incident with you. I handle OVI's in Federal Court...
Was charged with ovi. Court added 2nd ovi and took car before a trial to be found guilty. In this country you are supposed to be innocent until proved guilty in court. How can you be charged with ovi when not driving?
You can usually be charged with anything but this doesn't mean that you can be convicted. You are supposed to be...