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I have a scheduled meeting tomorrow with my probation officer what will happen? Will I get arrested there? Will she have a court date for me? Is there a warrent out for my arrest?Please help! I was put on misdemeanor probation in November for 1 year, 4 alch test and 2 drug test a month all random, I completed my 8 week class that I had to do and all fines and cost are paid. This is the 1st violation. since the 18th I have been going to aa meetings and have signatures to prove.
Most likely you will be violated and sent back before the judge for a hearing. Get an attorney and comply perfectly...
I was put on probation for having Vicodin 4 random alch test and 2 random drug test a month I am on my 4th month in and screwed up what do I do?
It appears that you did not screw up, but rather you voluntarily used drugs in violation of your probation. Learning...
I thought I was going to experience an interlock violation. When I had my device re calibrated the next day, I had already familiarized myself with Michigan law, which states that "a violation will not occur if a retest failure is passed within 5 minutes of the initial failure. I was assured by an employee of the interlock company that I was well within my time limit and that no violation information would be sent to the state. Fast forward 2 weeks, and I receive violation information in the mail. If I thought I would receive a violation, there are lab tests that can prove that I wasn't drinking. But, because I was misinformed I have no defense to keep my license. Do I have a case for damages, because 1) I was told there was no violation 2) Now I have to hire an attorney to defend me
What the court or probation officer says counts, not an employee of the servicing company. I doubt you have a cause of...
that their was a mix up with paperwork and that they're waiting for the police to fix it. But when I call the police he says they did their part it's on the courts. I don't have a warrant because I've talked to the prosecutor but at the secretary of state they say I'm not able to get a new license because it says I should have the paper one from the DUi. What should I do? Am I gettiong a DUI or can I prevent it from coming at this point?
Ususally filed within a year with some exceptions. What jurisdiction did you receive the DUI in ? Sent from my Verizon...
I was arrested for dui over a month ago and haven't had any type of court date. How long do I have to wait until I can ask for a dismissal?
I would call the Court to make sure your notice didn't get lost in the mail. But if they say you are not in the system,...
Got an owi dropped down to impaired...On my pink sheet ETG testing was the only test that was checked off. Will JAMS also run a drug screen on my urine? Can they legally do that without telling me?
JAMS should not be testing for anything other than what is in the court's order of probation or judgment of sentence.
Looking to get information on how or my go abouts to get my license back after a few years from drunk driving. Please any information would be great!
I suggest you contact your local Department of Motor Vehicles. They can tell you what you need to do to get your...