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I am inquiring about finding assistance in getting my drivers license reinstated after several years.
I had my license reinstated and drove with an Interlochen device for 1 year. I have since not been to a hearing to have my license reinstated. The Interlochen device was removed in 2010. I am aware that I have to go back in front of a review board, simply looking for advice/help on getting this process started so I can move forward with a "normal" life and functioning drivers license. Thank you in advance, Sincerely, Jill K Smith
Please remember that this is a public forum. Putting your name or identifying details is not a good idea. That said,...
It means they are seeking to have the charges dismissed for reasons which will be stated in the documents.
Second offense DUI- sentencing/probation inconsistent-but in my favor.. please read details
At sentencing, the judgment was given to my lawyer, we reviewed it, and everything on the paperwork was agreeable. Fines, treatment, testing, probation etc. All was agreeable. We go in front of the judge, and he repeated everything that was on the paper, and we made it official. As he is dismissing us, The BAILIFF says something to the judge. The judges then asks "OH, and does the defendant still own the vehicle used at the time of arrest?" Yes I do. He ordered my vehicle immobilized for 90 days. How can the BAILIFF do that? Today 9 months into my probation, which is going well, they have not immobilized my vehicle yet. It hasn't come up on any documents, nor has the probation officer said anything. I do drop hints like "Is there anything more I need to do?" Will this come up again
Unfortunately this happens all too often. It sounds as though the BALIFF reminded the judge to order your vehicle...
BRIEF IN SUPPORT OF DEFTS MTN TO QUASH THE FELONY INFORMATION & DISMISS THE COMPLAINT & WARRANT W/ EXHIBITS 07/11/2014 MOTION: DEFTS MOTION TO QUASH THE FELONY INFORMATION & DISMISS THE COMPLAINT & WARRANT W/ EXHIBIT IF THIS is a first offense what are the chances of being dismissed of all charges? If convicted what would be a normal sentence? What would be the minimum/ maximum for these charges? Thank you .
Whether a motion to dismiss will succeed or not depends on the merits of the motion, not the judge's assessment of the...
Driver's license has been revoked as a habitual DUI offender. Reinstatement application date approaching. Am I ready?
The bad news: I will be off probation only a month when I am eligible to apply for reinstatement The good news so far: 12 months sober 300+ AA meetings attended with a great deal of participation in service to the fellowship Weekly clinical rehabilitation at a reputable outpatient facility- dealing with substance abuse Driver Intervention program Probation completion perfect thus far Letters of support will be honest, and relevant. Criteria required is understood Should I wait to apply? I understand while I am on probation, the State does not consider my sobriety voluntary. If yes, how long? What more should I do to enhance my sobriety on paper? Excuse the phrase, I am genuinely happy to be sober, but I need results from positive actions
Generally the DAAD wants to see at least a year of sobriety. It is rare to get a full reinstatement on your first...
I violated my probation March 18 by a failed alchol test, what happens?
I have a scheduled meeting tomorrow with my probation officer what will happen? Will I get arrested there? Will she have a court date for me? Is there a warrent out for my arrest?Please help! I was put on misdemeanor probation in November for 1 year, 4 alch test and 2 drug test a month all random, I completed my 8 week class that I had to do and all fines and cost are paid. This is the 1st violation. since the 18th I have been going to aa meetings and have signatures to prove.
Most likely you will be violated and sent back before the judge for a hearing. Get an attorney and comply perfectly...
I took my pbt test this morning for probation and failed what will happen?
I was put on probation for having Vicodin 4 random alch test and 2 random drug test a month I am on my 4th month in and screwed up what do I do?
It appears that you did not screw up, but rather you voluntarily used drugs in violation of your probation. Learning...