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My ARD probation period is almost up and I still haven't received any notice to do community service.
You should contact your assigned probation officer or the probation department to verify that it is a condition of your...
I was driving home and came upon a car that had driven into a snow bank. Police were on the scene. I swerved to avoid a car that was stopped, police asked if I had been drinking and gave me sobriety test. Eventually I was taken to the processing center and had blood drawn. Told I would receive something in mail in 2 weeks if charged. It's been a month and I have heard nothing. I am wondering if I should call the police and ask if any charges have been filed?
It is generally not advisable to speak to the police on your own when there is a possibility of criminal charges. At...
Yes. You do not need to surrender your license to PennDOT during an appeal, but you certainly can do that.
1) When he gets license back in 2 years, does PA make you get the breathalyzer equipment in the car? For instance, if he tries to get his license back via PA, do they recognize another state's sentence; NJ: 1 year with the equipment? 2) Can he transfer his 2-day IDRC requirement and 30-days community service to PA, so his family/friends don't have to drive so far for each session? 3) My friend used to work for NJ Sussex County IDRC during internship for her degree. She advised me that IDRC staff can take urine samples as part of "drug/alcohol screening." I'm required to attend NJ 2-day, 2nd time drunk drivers IDRC, but can they take urine samples to test for drugs/alcohol use? 4) If able to transfer IDRC to PA's version of NJ IDRC, are they allowed to take urine screenings?
You need to ask your friends lawyer, who has all the specifics on the case.
the Arrest Report form asks about reportable offenses. the DUi just happened, and we dont have police report yet - not sure what actual charges will be. Since this is his first offence, how horrible will this be - how will it affect his chances to become a teacher? he plans to to the ARD. he's devastated.
Does the form ask about convictions? As of now he is not convicted, correct? I say hire a lawyer and beat the DUI...
I had my first dui in NJ and recently had a second dui in Northampton County PA. They offer an asp program where i am doing as they ask but as of now i only have a trial date and heard i should have another date before that, and also i am not sure what to expect. I have read 90 days mandatory but was wondering if that means 90 days in county prison or other alternatives?
The ASP program allows you to do your 90 day sentence via the work release program which equates to you going to work...
First DUI was in NJ, second is in PA. I went to my preliminary court date and they offered the ASP program. My BAC was .21 and after reading about the ASP program it says there is mandatory jail time. Is there any way it could substituted with community service or house arrest, etc? Also any attorneys answering this question if you like to leave your information because i am still looking for an affordable attorney.
Unfortunately with the ASP program there is a jail component built in. They will not substitute jail with community...