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Totaled my moms 2012 scion, only minor scrapes, aug,2,2013. on dec 20, 2013. i recvd a criminal complaint, RCW 46.61.502 DUI,
from the prosecuting attorney. under RCW 46.64.015 Citation and notice to appear in court — Issuance — Contents — Arrest — Detention.An officer may not serve or issue any traffic citation or notice for any offense or violation except either when the offense or violation is committed in his or her presence or when a person may be arrested pursuant to RCW 10.31.100, as now or hereafter amended. never rcvd a citation at time of accident. i did submit urine in a used hospital water pitcher not admissible as chain of comand.had my adderall perscription in car or on person ,and high BP meds. the adderall for my ADD been on them for 5-6 years. arraignment is jan 16 , will be asking to throw out . for the above mentioned, and no speedy trial . george
You need to consult with a criminal defelse attorney. I believe if you try and handle this on your own you will not...
Will the judge revolk my defered if i had a bad ua and have to go from monthly montering back to the intensive outpationt prog.
i had a bad ua while in monthly montering and my counselor said i would have to go back to three times a week for at least 30days then once a week,basicly starting over.Will my deffered be revolked
In my experience, if you are on a deferred prosecution and there is evidence that you have used alcohol/drugs, most...
DUI charge
I got charge with DUI awhile back it was supposed to be plead down reckless driving, I got charged for DWLS 2 in July 2014 and had a warrant out for my arrest for the DWLS cause I missed court. I went today and found out I had a warrant for the DUI too because I broke my agreement. But on my criminal background it still says DUI instead of reckless driving can I request and get a retrial?
What it sounds like is that you were doing some type of diversion or continuance on conditions so that if you complied...
I got my first Dui with 3 counts of reckless endangerment. No past record. What are possible things that could happen? Thank You
My children were with me, got a warrant to draw my blood..then let me go tiil a date.
There isn't enough room here and I don't have enough time to explain all the possible things that could happen with...
I had the DUI deferred prosecution revoked, and was given 51 days In jail pending. Can I appeal and get less or no jail?
Is my second DUI . on the second DUI I enter on deferred prosecution. On my 3 1/2 year I got a ticket for driving without license and no ignition interlock. The court gave me 15 days house arrest and being able to leave only for work. My deferred prosecution case was not revoked. Then the following year I got pulled over again & didn't have drivers license, insurance and ignition interlock. I was able to get license back & insurance and ignition interlock installed the following week. I paid outstanding fines. Everything in place before court appearance. This time the court revoked my deferred case. I have to serve 51 days in jail soon & do 5yrs of probation again. I can appeal within 30 days. My wife is in disability on wheelchair & depends on me. Can I avoid jail or get a better deal?
If you have a reason not to do the jail time at this time that the Judge will listen to and accept then use it but in...
I am considering entering a Deferred Prosecution in WA for a second offense DUI. Will DOL action on my license be overturned?
I am considering entering a deferred prosecution for a second offense DUI. Originally I did not think the circumstances around my arrest were justified so I intended to fight it (plus, it is my legal right to do so) I think I could go through with the program. The DOL handed down a 2 year revocation of my license and I was wondering if that revocation would be overturned by the court for entering a deferred prosecution.
Unfortunately, the DOL and judge are not connected in a way to lower the revocation. You must file a notice of a...
DUI and DWLS 2
Today I went to court to quash a warrant for DWLS 2, (pretrial is in June) they said in the warrant my bail was 1500 but walked away paying nothing I did find out I had a warrant for my DUI case because I broke my agreement for my DUI after being caught driving again. What do I look like I could be facing? I have other charges in the past for driving without a license.
I am not a WA attorney, but can tell from your question that more information is needed. One of the primary...