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  • Policing a small island

    Friday Sep 5 | via The Block Island Times 

    The death of Gregor Smith in April 2013 was a tragedy that prompted a public conversation about drug and alcohol use on the island. The reverberations of that tragedy were stirred up again with the publication in July of an article in Rhode Island Monthly , "The Dark Side of the Sun," that portrayed the island as a hotbed of substance abuse in the winter months, an article that specifically referenced the death of the 21-year old Smith.


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Lets say you're pulled over and the cop breathalyzes you and you're over the limit and instead of detaining you, gives you a ride home and gives you a speeding ticket. If you challenge the ticket in court, can the cop use the fact that you were driving under the influence against you? Or is that dismissed since you weren't charged with a DUI?
First of all, it wounds like you may have dodged a bullet. The state can bring the DUI charges against you at any time...
we are rhode island residents the accident took place in rhode island. it was called a misdemeanor. she does not drink at all and does not take any drugs
Since DUI is typically charged in state court as a misdemeanor and not a civil infraction you have the right to see all...
he got arrested for suspicison of DUI illegal u-turn. and I wanna make sure he pays for the damage to my car and for being uninsured.
Call the police and tell them. Likewise, call the local prosecutor that has the case and tell them! Stay on those...
My girlfriend who is on probation for shooting her ex in the foot was pulled over and charged with a DUI. I was wondering what the consequences may be. I know she had a choice of either 4 years probation or a year in jail. Her probation would end in 2012.
DUI is usually a violation of the terms of probation. She should report the DUI charge to her probation officer asap;...
When I went to court it was treated as a first offence and I was charged with a refusal. DUI was expunged. Will I lose my CDL indefinitely or can I fight to keep my license due to the "look back" law.
I am admittedly not a DUI practitioner. However, in my personal injury practice I have found myself at the RI Traffic...
I paid the fine on the spot, there is no court or anything. There is only a few week ban of driving here in Austria.
Are there Canadian lawyers on Avvo?
I had a breathalyzer refusal in 1987 in RI. Went through it back then and never had a problem since. Moved back to MA last month and they told me I was suspended in RI for unpaid fines. The date it has on my MA driving record shows 2011. I contacted RI and they told me not everything was paid back then and I didn't go to the 8 hour alcohol education class. My immediate problem is that I have to produce a license for my new job by next week. I'm wondering if I need to hire someone or just go to the office in Cranston and talk to them?
Unless you have proof that you did what they say you did not, I doubt talking will get you far. (The RI Traffic Court...