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My son received a dwi in New Hampshire , he has a Rhode Island license. How does effect his Rhode Island license?
He registered .11 on breathalyzer
You should make sure he is represented by an attorney in New Hampshire. They will best be able to advise you of...
If a cop pulls somebody over for a DUI but instead gives them a traffic ticket, is the DUI information carried to traffic court?
Lets say you're pulled over and the cop breathalyzes you and you're over the limit and instead of detaining you, gives you a ride home and gives you a speeding ticket. If you challenge the ticket in court, can the cop use the fact that you were driving under the influence against you? Or is that dismissed since you weren't charged with a DUI?
First of all, it wounds like you may have dodged a bullet. The state can bring the DUI charges against you at any time...
My wife was rear-ended and was charged with dui, she took a blood test, how can we get results of this test?
we are rhode island residents the accident took place in rhode island. it was called a misdemeanor. she does not drink at all and does not take any drugs
Since DUI is typically charged in state court as a misdemeanor and not a civil infraction you have the right to see all...
I was hit buy a drunk driver, who produced an insurance card to the police and I found out it had lasped, now what can I do?
he got arrested for suspicison of DUI illegal u-turn. and I wanna make sure he pays for the damage to my car and for being uninsured.
Call the police and tell them. Likewise, call the local prosecutor that has the case and tell them! Stay on those...
What can happen when arrested for a DUI while on Probation?
My girlfriend who is on probation for shooting her ex in the foot was pulled over and charged with a DUI. I was wondering what the consequences may be. I know she had a choice of either 4 years probation or a year in jail. Her probation would end in 2012.
DUI is usually a violation of the terms of probation. She should report the DUI charge to her probation officer asap;...
When do you loose your license if you have been arrested for oui
Recently I got arrested for dui then taken to hospital they did not take my license
It depends. In Rhode Island you can lose your privilege to drive if convicted of DUI through either a plea of nolo or...
Do i have to attend dui classes and get a sr22 to renew my license.
18 years ago i got a dui while visiting my girl in s license was suspended by the courts for 3-6 months cant recall exactly but did pay fines and was not told to take any dui courses or to get sr22. came home to ri got my license and have been incident free for 18 years .2015 my license will expire from its 2010 issue date .i go to registry with renewal form and out of the blue sc has a stop on the procedure and i am told to call the sc dmv to get things straight.they told me i had outstanding fines.told them i would pay and if they would put it as resolved in the computer so i could renew my license. i was told no and i also needed to attend dui classes in ri and send the results to sc. pay fines and get sr22 before they do anything. do i have any legal leverage?
Likely not. We are all slaves to the DMV no matter what state. The DMV can impose its own penalties that the Judge...