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Lets say you're pulled over and the cop breathalyzes you and you're over the limit and instead of detaining you, gives you a ride home and gives you a speeding ticket. If you challenge the ticket in court, can the cop use the fact that you were driving under the influence against you? Or is that dismissed since you weren't charged with a DUI?
First of all, it wounds like you may have dodged a bullet. The state can bring the DUI charges against you at any time...
we are rhode island residents the accident took place in rhode island. it was called a misdemeanor. she does not drink at all and does not take any drugs
Since DUI is typically charged in state court as a misdemeanor and not a civil infraction you have the right to see all...
he got arrested for suspicison of DUI illegal u-turn. and I wanna make sure he pays for the damage to my car and for being uninsured.
Call the police and tell them. Likewise, call the local prosecutor that has the case and tell them! Stay on those...
My girlfriend who is on probation for shooting her ex in the foot was pulled over and charged with a DUI. I was wondering what the consequences may be. I know she had a choice of either 4 years probation or a year in jail. Her probation would end in 2012.
DUI is usually a violation of the terms of probation. She should report the DUI charge to her probation officer asap;...
I went to court, paid it in full and I've never been arrested for anything else in my life. But every time I travel I get called in for questioning because of the arrest 8 years ago
Yes, you can get it expunged, but your fingerprints and the underlying arrest will still show up. Just the conviction...
I recently completed a DUI class and had to pay fines to both 6th district court and the DMV. I paid the DMV but didn't have enough left over to pay 6th district. I need a state ID and know that their is a bench warrant out for not paying the fine. I need the ID to cash a check next week to get the cash for 6th. If I go into the Rhode Island DMV on Monday to get my ID will they arrest me? Is the DMV involved with warrants or they would have no idea and don't run your name?
you should call and ask before going. Get in touch with your DUI attorney and maybe he can help you.
My H1B Visa Extension was filed in November 2013, which was approved in Feb , 2014. Now I am going to India on Nov 27, 2014 and have to get my H1B Stamping done from India. I have been charged with DUI on November 1, 2014, Chemical Test Refusal and is awaiting any decision. Please could you tell me if there is any issue with my Visa Stamping if I am convicted of: 1.) Both the Criminal and Chemical Test Refusal Charges 2.) Criminal Charges for DUI alone 3.) Chemical Test Refusal Charges alone
It is in the consular officers discretion to deny the visa. I have had cases go both ways