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Vehicle accident in December. Extricated from car with jaws of life taken to hospital. 4 month later arrested for DUI.
Car accident victim swerved to avoid hitting a deer ending up rolling his car. He had a drink but not an excessive amount. He is a responsible young man (31yo). He needed the jaws of life and taken to the hospital. After 4 months the police came to his door to arrest him for DUI. Why, while a patient in the hospital if they felt he was intoxicated did it take 4 months to reveal this. This occurred in Michigan. Any thoughts or advice on why it took four months ????
If a lab had to analyze his/her blood to see if alcohol was a factor, that would take at least 3 months here in Florida.
Will my license be revoked if I got a speeding ticket with a BPO (not DUI related) but was not violating my BPO rules?
I am 17, and received a BPO license in October due to having two speeding tickets and one traffic violation since acquiring my license 2 and a half years ago. Tonight I received a speeding ticket, while coming home from work. The cop wrote me up as unlawful speed and told me I was not violating my BPO but will this ticket cause me to get my license revoked?
I am not licensed in Florida, so please consult with an experienced, licensed Florida attorney. However, from what you...
What happens in a hearing for failure to appear in court for dwls case?
There has been a warrant out for my arrest for about 6 months now and I want to know what usually happens in a failure to appear in court? I know if the warrant won't be recalled more than likely I would have to appear in court to address the warrant with an attorney
An attorney can move to withdraw the warrant (also called a capias) and it is up to the judge to decide whether to do...
Hello, my son years ago was first charged for dui/property damage the charges were nolle prossed.
Now this year was charged with dui. Was going to file an appeal the case due to not having a fair trial. Since he was not given oppotunity to have witness present to prove he wasn't driving. He was not even in vehicle when an officer wanted to arrest him. Had no video nor anything as evidence. Now the jury found him guilty just by police testimony. Now convicted ey are saying interlock and dui class 2nd level and has to get fr-44 hardship etc. Why is the dmv taking it as 2nd charge if other one is nolle prossed
Because the DVM is separate from the court and doesn't really care about the outcome in court. They probably suspended...
Police officer issued me a traffic ticket (no DUI, less than $500, no arrest). Does it mean "cited or detained..." for n-400?
I have 4 traffic tickets during a period of 5 years (no DUI and less than $500, never arrested), all of them with "Adjudication Withheld". Should I answer "Yes" for item 23, Part 11 of form n-400? Stopped by a law enforcement officer for traffic ticketing purposes means I have been "detained" or "cited" for this item 23rd purpose?
Answer the questions truthfully that you received a citation (no DUI). Traffic violation does not necessarily affect...
Can I drive to driving classes and a rehab group on a hardship class C license. Thanks you, S
I am located in Collier county if that helps.... I also have a Limo/Taxi company and provide transportation for hotel guests to and from restaurants and mostlt to and from the airport, everytime I get in the car I am afraid I will be pulled over and arrested. Ihavent been convicted on anything yet, this started over a tinted window in My Limo? Thank you S
From the way your question sounds you got arrested for a DUI. Are awaiting trial. First, I would direct this question...
Live in Naples. DUI in 2007. Court order was for 6 months of interlock. DMV gave me two years. Is there appeal process to DMV?
I have been seven years clean. I just need help to move on in my life.
Not likely as the DMV often has the final word. If two years was the mandatory time you needed to have that then there...