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I want to know if this charge could be changed to a felony based on the fact that I just up and left? I am struggling to get my license back due to this and I would like some advice on what to do. Im very nervous to contact the city I was on probation in because I dont want them to know where I am so they dont send someone to come get me, or contact the county I am in and have them come pick me up. I moved to better my life as well and I have done just that. Im a father now and I live a very honest and peaceful life. What should I do?
The charge cannot be changed to a felony if the charge you plead to was not a felony. You will face the maximum...
I spent six months in the Lee County jail and attended the RSAT program the whole time. Two days before my scheduled release, I went before the judge as everyone has to. I had been doing so well and the judge was so pleased with my progress, he let me out two days before my scheduled release. Because I was let out early, I didn't receive my completion certificates because they said I missed finishing the program by one day. Is there anything I can do to get these certificates? I really put in a lot of effort into the program and am proud of my accomplishments there. I don't think it's right to deny me my certificate because the judge let me out two days early.
This sounds unfair to me as well, BUT I am way clear on the fact that the jail system operates independently of the...
I got a dui in Florida 3 years ago where I was living, Im off probation and paid all fines, I moved to Michigan 6 months ago, I had to get the device installed if I wanted to drive, Michigan issued me a full license with no restrictions on it, everytime I visit the interlock place, they send my info to Florida,,, now do I even have to have Michigan involved with removal? Whats the removal process please?
Your best bet is to call the good folks at DMV in Tallahassee (850-617-2000). If you follow the rule of the 3 "p"'s (...
Part of my probation is a DUI class as well as device interlock and 10 day vehicle impoundment. I cannot satisfy any stipulations regarding the vehicle portions of my probation because I sold my vehicle. My DUI class is 16 weeks (I moved out of state) and will not finish in time to satisfy that stipulation either, I talked to my PO and he said he would have to issue a warrant for my arrest, but then he would repeal it once I finish my DUI class. He said to just avoid Florida while the warrant was out there. So I don't know what to do in terms of the vehicle portion of my probation, and am scared about the warrant being issued and then repealed. Is that something that sounds normal?
A warrant cannot be repealed, and can never be issued by a PO. Only a judge can issue a warrant and recall it or set it...
I received a DUI and have been working towards satisfying all my requirements for probation but I moved out of state where all that is offered is a 16 week course. Due to tight finances I haven't been able to sign up for the course until last month and they have my targeted completion date for August when I need to have everything done by June. My course starts at the end of the month of March. There's also two other stipulations to probation that I will be completely unable to have satisfied relating to cars.
Ask your attorney to file for an extension of your probation. If the delays are for good cause, then the judge is far...
if you are going to just pay the fine and and except that you will lose your licence for first offence,can you go to court and do this,and wait 6 months to get your licence back
You certainly can do that but it's a terrible idea. There are many direct and collateral consequences to pleading...
the law in 2004 would have allowed for expungement I am filing a Nexus application and eventually want to file for Canadian citizenship (dual with US) Would this DUI show up on a background search since it was dismissed?
Yes it will appear on a background search.