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I was pulled over and I think the office misunderstood me when I said, I ain't had one beer. Then I said I ain't taking none of your test.
Why would the officer have to go through the formality of asking you to take a test when you already said that you...
I received my first DUI. I likely qualify for a BAIID on my truck but I want to know if there is an option to wear a 90 day alcohol monitoring bracelet instead and drive without the BAIID. Do state statutes allow for this alternative?
No, this isn't allowed by state statute. However, your attorney might be able to negotiate such an agreement with the...
I was never given a breath or blood test, never handcuffed or read rights, never booked, finger printed, or issued a citation. I did do the field sob test and was deemed shaky. I was in the back of a squad for a bit but they gave me a ride home and my wife picked up my car. Basically, what constitutes an arrest or can you get a DUI without being arrested?
Eh, were you arrested? Did they say you were under arrest? Were you cuffed? It's a slippery slope, a fine line-...
Last night, I was intoxicated by alcohol. Blacked out and don't remember anything. I was arrested and told that I have a criminal damage to property complaint. The court has not sent the arraignment letter yet. According to the account I popped the bug mesh screen off of my friend's neighbor's front screen door. I went over to the house today, and apologized to the house owner. Also, I promised to pay for the damaged screen. The mesh screen is bent and came out of the hinges on the screen door. According to the home owner, I tried to get in his front door at 3 in the morning, and kicking the door since I couldn't get in. I don't know if it would be the town pressing charges or the home owner. I have no previous records, and I didn't do the damage knowingly. Would I be charged most likely?
Victim has no control over charges. Don't wait. Get a lawyer. You could get a deferral or you could be charged with...
And what are my chances of going to jail if i blew really high?? First Time offender
You may not go to jail but yo have some serious problems. Please hire a good DUI defense attorney ASAP. On of the...
I got labeled as a dependent high risk label and completed my treatment. If I retake the evaluation and move down on the risk scale 1. Would I have to retake the classes or redo treatment? 2. Would the judge be able to see the first evaluation?
Each is different and within the sound discretion of the trial judge
Charged with a dui in dupage 1yr ago and still going to court for it but never received a statutory suspension notice from sos. Also when i call the sos automated call line it states my license is still valid.
You should rely on the SOS records in regards your matter