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And what are my chances of going to jail if i blew really high?? First Time offender
You may not go to jail but yo have some serious problems. Please hire a good DUI defense attorney ASAP. On of the...
I got labeled as a dependent high risk label and completed my treatment. If I retake the evaluation and move down on the risk scale 1. Would I have to retake the classes or redo treatment? 2. Would the judge be able to see the first evaluation?
Each is different and within the sound discretion of the trial judge
Charged with a dui in dupage 1yr ago and still going to court for it but never received a statutory suspension notice from sos. Also when i call the sos automated call line it states my license is still valid.
You should rely on the SOS records in regards your matter
The first arrest was in june and am facing charges of DUI, BAC in excess of ,08 as well as DUI (any amount of drug) MDMA & Marijuana specifically and leaving the scene of an accident and failure to stop at a stop sign and driving with a suspended licence. the second arrest occurred 2 months later while awaiting trial for the first arrest was arrested for loud or missing muffler driving with a suspended licence and DUI any amount of drug (Marijuana) . i am in dupage county and want to know the likely sentence
To the DUI supervision. To the driving while license suspended conviction because you cannot get a supervision on a...
1st conviction
Almost certainly, but this is more of an immigration question. You may need permission from the court and/or probation...
I was visiting on work and did not consume alcohol and was taking a break at 3 am to avoid accident.
Use Find a Lawyer here.
First conviction was in 1989, Reckless in '97, potential second conviction from Jan '13 arrest. Been on baaid SSS to this point since March 2013, if continuance lasts until February 2014, will that time be credit the 1 year revocation? Additionally, what is probability that I will not see jail time?
These are all questions best answered by your current attorney. If you do not have one, you should consult with one...