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I was violated bc I slept through my Soberlink multiple times but honest to god haven't drank since being put on it.
am I going to jail? I've paid all fines And on time I can't lose my job bc of this.
That's your story and you're sticking to it? Let's hope the judge is lenient.
Can't afford an atty after having my prelim exam adjourned once. Will judge give me more time. I've spoken with 2 attys
Its for 3rd dui and I'm out on bond, is there any chance they will take me back in when I show up without an attorney? I've been actively seeking one, and was denied a public defender. I've had 3 meetings with different lawyers and nobody will take my case until I have more money. He gave me two weeks to come up with at least 1500 dollars
Why were you denied a public dfender? Did you not meet the indigency requirements? Hopefully the judge will give you...
Husband on probation for DV & alcohol offences. They don't check on him. Always drunk and threatening to kill me frequently.
Loaded gun involved when arrested. Horribly verbally abusive. Physically abusive first 16yrs of marriage. Probation said will dismiss him early - 8mo. Instead of 12 - because he goes in sober, lies like a pro and hasn't had a single surprise visit. Drives drunk frequently. I'm a senior, and need to leave. I'd want to report him but know he will terrorize me forever or kill me. He says he can threaten me all he wants to and it's okay (legally). Advice?
He can't legally threaten to kill you. You should look into contacting the YWCA and other similar groups. They can...
I have a DUI 2nd. Did my jail time. Paid my fines. I am moving to Florida. If I violate my probation will they arrest me in FL.
I recently got engaged an have been waiting patiently here in Michigan complying with the D'n'A program and AA meetings. My fines and fees are paid. I am flying down to Florida on Friday to visit. My probation officer is aware and also knows the address as to where I will be living down there. If I choose to not come back I'm aware that a bench warrant will be set out, but can they actually come and arrest me and bring me back to Michigan especially because they have my address in Florida? I don't want to be a criminal, but I can't stand being apart and I'm ready to start my life down there.
That would be an extremely foolish thing to do, especially considering how compliant and successful you have been...
I've gone through sobriety court and have been released from probationConviction was 1st offense high bac.
there was another conviction for impaired driving 12 yrs ago.I still have te blow and go in my should i proceed . I can see the paperwork is labor intensive and you could shoot yourself in the foot if not carefull..
I am not sure I understand your question. If you have a alcohol detection device in your car follow the rules exactly....
Can get CDL if i take care of my dui
I haven't been introuble for12 to15 years
Your. CDL will be subject to a 1 year suspension under the law if you are convicted of ANY alcohol related driving...
My parked vehicle was hit by a drunk driver on Christmas night, no insurance currently. Driver left the scene.
I called the police & they are still looking for the driver. No one is hurt, but there is currently a lien on the vehicle. Because we were not operating the car when the accident occurred, do we have legal recourse to collect from the drivers insurance company? Also, what legal recourse do we have if they are uninsured?
You ave legal recourse against the drunk driver who hit your car and his/her insurance company for your property damage....